At the heart of an artistic central London sits Kensington Palace which - for a limited time only was transformed into the Enchanted Palace.
The exhibition revolved around the seven princesses that once lived at Kensington Palace.
These royalties included Queen Victoria, Queen Mary II,  Princess Margaret, Princess Diana etc.
Since the building is still currently under renovation there were a lot of workers and visible signs of work around, the place was surrounded by construction site walls, fences and equipment which ruined the authenticity of it all for me slightly, however the effort that was put into decorating the palace itself is very much the opposite. I loved the details of the decoration, of the interior, it was all very quaint and nice and as I walked through the palace it did give me a sense of victorian magic. However reading internet reviews from timeout.com did make me aware of several things that I wasn't - quite harshly I must admit, the general public branded the exhibition as "poorly done" and "a waste of time" and that the exhibition existed only as a distraction to make money while renovations were done.

While I could emphasize with their frustration - I did enjoy my brief time there, a lot of the decorations were very strange and I really enjoy that kind of thing. Plus many things are interactive, there's much to read and much to see. It's perhaps a little bare but for what details lay within the arrangements of furniture and glass cabinets - it was fine. It all made up for me and I enjoyed my time there. Unfortunately I overdosed on Mocha that morning (this is an excuse by the way) so many of my photos turned out blurry resulting in just a few I'd like to share to give you a better feel of the experience as a whole.

{I don't think anyone understood the intensity of the desire that told me to sit on that chair . . . and the restraint that suppressed it}

Paying attention as I always do - I completely forgot the symbolic meaning of the toy soldiers, I think it related to protection of thousands of men offered to the country's princesses. Those live, fallen, living and traveling. I loved the toy soldier room most.

{Luxurious creature comforts}

Although I probably wouldn't go again I still had a lovely time, having said that - like many user reviews have stated, it might've just been that much better if renovations were finished and if the installments more grand.


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