Only October


Still? Is it still October?
I wish it were November already! However there are still many things for me to look forward to such as Katy Perry's concert on the 26th! And the first BCU Anime Society screening at my university tomorrow! Should you be in the area and interested in Anime & Manga, give us a visit! Info on the page!
Have I revealed my geeky side too soon?
It can be your and my secret.
This past week a few little things have been going on . . . such as missing my train which resulted in an impromptu breakfast at Starbucks.

A little more than a week ago it was also mother's birthday, an event for which I bought her Daisy by Marc Jacobs and she loved it which was great. I've always liked Marc Jacobs anyway, this fragrance is really fresh and no too heavy or overpowering so it's good. But I know that my mother only wanted it for the bottle. Must admit however, it's a very adorable little bottle.

Also this month - I went shopping and had a mini haul. Since the cold is fast approaching I thought it most appropriate to have a jacket and found a lovely little leather biker number at Zara. No photos yet sadly however you can see the shoes that match it somewhat! From River Island's seasonal sale.

The tops placed on my bag are pretty plain, just for the colours I decided to buy them. I thought they'd be appropriate for work. Oh that's right I managed to secure myself a position as a Christmas Temp. Sales Associate at Links Of London which I shall expand on in a different post! The orange shift dress was also somewhat of an impulse buy, it's very cute and somewhat on trend for all the bright colours easing in this winter. I can't wait to find an occasion to wear it!

Also this month - I've been a little bit of a foodie (no change there) and upon discovering a quaint little lunchtime coffee shop in the outskirts of Birmingham City Centre I just couldn't stay away, they sell pancakes, soup, sandwiches, coffees, cakes all to go and stay in. The banana/ nutella pancakes are to die for. I'm determined to become a regular.

Having settled my stomach with brunch me and a friend of mine just wandered around the city for a while before becoming famished again and trying out a Japanese Restruant named Mt. Fuji, supposedly somewhat famous for their bento boxes and extortionate prices. I had a seafood special Udon while my friend had a Mixed Bento Box. I actually liked the Udon, it was a bit pricey for what it was but I finished it whole and could've had more! 

It definitely looks cute but dear friend (who's a bit critical with his food) said that given the option he'd have chosen something else and nicer. Some of the vegetables were cold, not sure if this was intended but if it were it did not have the desired effect. If you're reading this Mt.Fuji be a bit more generous with your food and make it nicer!

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