A 19th Christmas.


Evening Blogspot / Merry Christmas !

In order - Boy London T shirt, Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle Bag - Classic, Lilo & Stitch - Stitch Coin Purse, Links Of London TEAM GB & Friendship Bracelet and ordinary weaved friendship bracelet Birmingham's German Market.

As the Christmas festives wind down and the new year excitement kicks in I thought I'd tie things up with a brief recap of some of the lovely items I've been blessed with this year.
In 2011 I discovered a love for BOY LONDON, my beloved Macbook broke after four years and my first generation ipod nano broke after six years. So I've replaced the former with a lovely shiny Macbook Pro which was beautiful enough to make me gasp upon opening it. An Alexander Wang Rocco classic, which I am desperately in love with and among these - other presents included :

Not to be picking favourites because I absolutely love everyone that's given me gifts and all of my gifts but a dear college friend of mine had given me this, which is titled a peace message :

 Inside a clay dove she wrote a small note. To paraphrase, she said to me something along the lines of that I doubt myself very often and sometimes I lose motivation, she said she believed in me and thinks that I shouldn't forget to believe in myself. It was lovely in that it was by far one of the most meaningful presents that I've ever received. I would've gotten quite emotional at the time if I weren't sat in a fast food restaurant getting stuck in with some food. But the more I thought about it, the sweeter it was. I am really grateful.  There is no better present than knowing your dearest friends have faith in you. Thank you again Mae.

Happy Holidays.

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