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OOT : Bag - Alexander Wang / Jumper - Boy London / Snood - Vera Moda / Dress - H&M
{Thank you for the first photo Kera}

For some reason or another I always seem to pick the rainiest days to go out and do my shopping, of course there are sunny ones too but I never seem to take into account how heavy the rain would actually be. So out I went, the optimist I am, without an umbrella.
Luckily enough I did not become a drowned rat since most of the shopping was done inside a shopping centre. The objective of the day was to see my lovely friend and of course to visit the boxing day/ pre-new year sales where stores clear out their old a/w 2011 stock in preparation for the s/s 2012 collections.
The most current issue of Vogue predicts extremely vibrant {almost obnoxious} bursts of fluorescent colours and a flurry of floral prints and patterns.
Personally I am more interested in silhouettes and neutral/ jewel/ flower tones but as they are a fashion standard I won't need to worry that there will be releases for these also.

Another thing I've come to realise about myself is that during sales, boxing day sales, january sales, mid-year sales etc. I always end up buying items that are not on sale. It's ironic really, when stores have sales the layout just becomes so messy it's almost off-putting to shop. However from time to time I do manage to bag myself a bargain but sadly not today I didn't.

Oh December you are cruel yet kind, I have indulged far too much this month and I suppose now that I have most things that I need/ want I should hold back and save up. Here's a rough recap of what I've bought this past fortnight :
[Below : Sheer Green Mullet Skirt - H&M]

Now if you're thinking "Why would you purchase two sheer skirts that are so similar?" my answer would be a) one is black and one is green, b) one is a full maxi, the other is not, c) I am in love with sheer material.

The Maria Francesca Pepe ring was originally £65 from the Urban Outfitters website but they had a sale and I bought it Christmas eve for £30. The day after, it sold out. I must say seeing that happen did make me somewhat happy but when I sat down and thought about it, £30 is so expensive for a ring that's not made out of any sort of special metal. Nonetheless it's here and I love it and I love that it mixes metals as well, I have no mixing rules with my jewellery. I don't believe in silly things like "don't mix gold and silver" if it looks good and I want to wear it - trust me to.

Also it is my last day at work tomorrow which means freedom of nail colour (Links of London does not allow nail colours that do not correspond with their colour of the week) however that means no money and as one makes me happy, the other makes me deeply sad.
But fingers crossed as my first year of being a university student continues, I am to find work at other places. I also bought my work a "thank you card" and have been overwhelmed with apprehension since I don't know how they'd percieve it. It's nothing like a card to thank them for giving me a job (that would be awfully awkward) it's a card to thank them for being so lovely and patient. It was my first proper job and I feel blessed that there wasn't a single person I did not get along with, or was rude to me and I am really grateful for that. But as far as pondering goes I still need to make a decision which I have not yet come to.

I have only food to accompany me for this very difficult decision. Perhaps I will notify you with my verdict in the near future.


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  1. Love the scarf and the nailpolish colors. Lookin' Good, girl! :)


  2. That bag is stunning! As are the chain dolly flats

  3. Thank you both, your blogs are lovely ~ (:


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