Monthly Roundup.


Neglecting to post for three months you'd assume I have more to write about - but sadly I don't.
Although I've begun somewhat of a new life as a university student in a new-ish city (I've been there many times) I still don't feel things are changing for me. That is somewhat of a bad thing I suppose. To feel I'm not going anywhere.

So what's been happening in the rather slow life of mine?
In the months drawing up to Christmas, Birmingham is all the hype for it - a new Christmas Pop Up Bazaar and a Festive German Market had been set up. Of course I had to check this all out so I ventured out to see for myself what the seasonal stalls had in store.

The Pop Up Bazaar is incredibly kitsch, niche and vintage. Within there were several stores from businesses all across England, people who made handmade jewellery, people who collected vintage pieces to sell and artists that tried to sell their work. It was wonderfully set out, wall decor and everything, there were even sofa's for people that simply wanted a place to sit for a while. I wish it stayed a while longer but both the market and this store packed up and left on the 23rd of December. I however did manage to buy my dear friend a lovely gift from this place.

The German market was an array of food stands, Christmas related novelty gifts such as toys and baubles and more handmade jewellery stands. The food was heavily overpriced but lush nonetheless, I treated myself several times to Baileys crepes, for which I was ID'd, it was a funny experience I thought. Being ID'd for a pancake but I understood that it was alcohol nonetheless. I also tried my first ever reindeer burger which tasted no different to beef/ chicken. Unfortunately I was able to muster only a few photos since I was so overwhelmed by the amount of food available.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas I couldn't resist treating myself either - but I did get these shoes on sale which makes it an acceptable gesture, right?

Gifts for mother and a waffle after a hard days shopping. The waffle is courtesy of Leicester's very small and temporary European market but believe me when I say they sell the best waffles I have ever had.


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