A change of scenery.


On impulse, I agreed to a reunion for 4 days in Liverpool - which, to my suprise, is actually a very nice city. By far one of the drunkest cities ever, but nice nonetheless, for shopping and such. There is one thing I learned from my trip, the people of Liverpool do like to party hard. Hours even after a night on the town there would be people falling over, falling about, leaving food, vomit and alcohol scattered among the streets. Lovely image? I concur.

Although 4 days seems like a short amount of time, I do believe it was a fun packed and well spent weekend. There was always lots to do - even if I was reluctant to get out of bed.
Liverpool is a city near the sea with many tourist attractions, museums, many places to eat and many shops to browse. Unfortunately for me I'd neglected to take my camera with me so I've only a few shots to document the journey with a good ol' fashioned iphone.

Coincidentally when I visited Liverpool there was an "Alice In Wonderland" exhibition taking place at the tate. However being a student I'd refused to pay £5 entry to view an exhibition - no matter how exciting the title. {And internet sources tell me it is definitely overpriced for whatever content it held} So apologies for now but enjoy some free Liverpool scenery and sneak peak Wonderland gift shop goodness.

 The four days I spent in Liverpool I lodged at a very generous friends' flat which was very close to the centre. The flat was cosy yet spacious. She made lasagne and provided her guests with bedding and such.
She's also very talented, a self-taught guitarist we spent (only) something around 3 hours just singing our hearts out - I hadn't had that much fun since karaoke nights in Hong Kong! I sometimes feel I hadn't expressed my gratitude enough with her hospitality, I hate to sound fake and/or overdone but I could not really in words fully express how thankful I was that everyone was so lovely, considering I'd only really met her/them once.
As the guests poured in and there were comfortably 7 of us - we played an array of board games which included scrabble, monopoly and pictionary. Sadly I only won one round at pictionary and failed miserably at the other two. I'm going to put my losses down to having very worthy adversaries.
To complete the trip there was a night out on the town and chinese foodings in the morn. We also paid Nandoes a visit which is primarily a chicken serving restruant which my friends are seemingly in love with, but I don't see the appeal. The chicken to me is rather dry and boring. Unpopular opinion of the day from me!

I also bought a pair of pink shorts that I'd lusted for since I saw them, also I bought a new purse since I've had mine for almost a year now and it was only a cheapie one so I bought a double rabbit clasped purse also - both from River Island and I also finally plucked up the courage to finally dye my hair pink. I have longed for the dream to become a reality for so long.
A short post, but one to wrap up with for January nonetheless - roll in February and my week in Paris!

Also, a while ago I began using some keyrings I bought when the Birmingham Christmas market was still around. It feels flimsy but hasn't broken yet!


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