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Nothing too extravagant I'm afraid. Waiting in the wings for email replies is not exciting. University is adamant that I have a placement during the easter to boost experience and write about- unfortunately for me, most companies aren't willing to take first year undergraduates on unless they have some kind of gold encrusted CV laced with euphoric perfume. I have neither of those. Nevertheless I soldier on and have sent off around half a dozen emails to various retailers, mostly high street.

Applying for placements only reminds of how empty I feel without being employed. Having a job is so much fun, hard work sure, but fun too. My Christmas job at Links was clearly over far too soon but I'm always ready and waiting for new opportunities. {Hire me already Selfridges&co! Grrr}

Miseries aside I do have more than just a couple things to be happy about, like this little baby.

 It is my new darling and being so staggeringly beautiful (and expensive) of course it would be. I am a proud owner of the new Nikon J1, after much speculation, internal conflict and constant harassment of photographer-expertise-filled-friends I came to the conclusion that this was the camera I wanted. It's competitor was the classic pro digicam Canon G12. It was a very difficult decision since I've brand loyalty with canon's and always have, their products have never failed to deliver and they have established a very strong brand name but then again - so has Nikon. The Nikon shoots beautifully and it's 60fps capability is much like witchcraft, images are crisp, the autofocus is fast and for those with better knowledge of cameras than me there are manual settings for ISO's, shutter speeds, aperture functionality etc. 

And of course I wouldn't dream of bringing it anywhere without it being fully protected from the vicious outdoors. This camera bag is so compact, I almost squealed in delight when I received it - it is absolutely adorable, so cute! I'm to be using the j1 for many shots in the future so for anyone interested in the quality it has to offer - just stay tuned.

On the subject of purchases - now I'm usually quite terrible with sales in the sense that I never find a good bargain or piece - but then I saw this, casually strewn across a sale table at Zara. It's beautiful. From £16 to £6, I didn't even have to think twice before purchasing it. It's simple so I'm happy that it'd go with a lot of things in my wardrobe, it's just a T shirt yes but it's a viscose T shirt with a lovely two tone print. I love bagging a bargain.

My friends will tell you I'm probably the least organised person in the world but even so I always purchase planners for new years, on the off-chance that I do feel like being organised. I've always had a soft spot for Pompompurin since he's so adorably yellow. The diary/planner is only slightly bigger than A6 so it's 100% handbag friendly. I also recently took passport photos since on a rather feeble attempt to organise flights to Hong Kong I discovered that my passport was in actual fact out of date. A renewal would be imminent nevertheless considering I've a very romantic (but not really) trip to Paris in mid-February. I also only just got an iPhone 4s a little less than a week ago. Having been through a series of ups and downs with phones I'm rather excited and attached to the  proclaimed "best phone in the world"that I've recently been acquainted with. Siri, mind you - does not seem so equally infatuated with me.

Wonky fringes are so 2012. P.s I love rocking out in Vintage.

For those of you who know who Kyary is, I'm rather attached to her also, in her crazy adorable ways. This song in particular right now. 
And for those who've no idea who she is, I can only forgive you for living under a rock.

Stay cool.

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