En Paris pt. I


{the first day}

Two things I learnt about Paris during my 5 days there.
Graffiti will cover almost everything and a cigarette is any Parisian's best friend.

With my University I visited the capital of France via Eurostar. To my dismay also I must tell you now, although the Eurostar may go under some kind of undersea tunnel, it is pitch black and you cannot see fish.
I was thus disappointed but alas, life goes on...
The two above pictures are views from the Hotel that I stayed at, Hotel Alhambra at Oberkampf. It was only a two star hotel but they offered comfortably all the basics, fresh towels everyday, bed made and breakfast. It was all we needed since the only ever time that we would be in the room would be for sleep.
On the first day we arrived at 4pm and the rest of the day was ours so me and four friends decided to explore the local area.

My first impressions lead me to believe that I was still in England, except in London with better architecture. There's not a striking amount of difference and only around the Eiffel tower is Paris slightly more glamorous. Everything was very urban, modern and comfortably established. What I loved about Paris was it's abundance in bakeries, and not just fast food bakeries. Traditional patisseries nested themselves at the corner of every street gapped in between clothing stores and supermarkets.

There was also this very interesting shop named "Nomad's Land" it's rather niche. The man inside claimed to have made several pieces, I believe their garments are all self-sourced and compiled into a neat little shop. It's a burst of colour and culture. Prints at the corner of every eye. However there was nothing to suit my tastes so I left with nothing but a few snaps of what it had to offer.

 Exploring the streets I couldn't stop snapping up everything that caught my eye, I'm a bit of a tourist at heart and not just that I spotted a girl with the most amazing shoes and model like qualities. So in my strange yet curious manner (others will describe with slightly different adjectives) I had to take a photo.
But thus forth my views of the city continued to be memorised by my little Nikon.

My day ended at a restaurant named Pizza Pino (or was it Pino Pizza...) where I tried a triple pasta dish. The title of ravioli jumped at me and I hadn't had ravioli in so long, safe to say it was an instant winner but what I hadn't realised was that the other third of my dish was some sort of cheese covered pasta. (I hate cheese) sadly I had to leave that part of the plate untouched but whatever I did eat was very tasty. Being a novice at French resulted in me devouring many types of cheese that I disliked and didn't recognise. It was the most cheese I'd ever eaten in 19 years. Sadly (or perhaps this is in your favour...) no photos of myself for this post as I refused to be photographed. There was a lot of travelling on that day and my efforts with outer appearances do waver when I'm expected to be seated for 7+ hours...


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