En Paris pt. II


{the second day}

Any good day starts how any good day ends - with food. Although limited with choices on breakfast Hotel Alhambra had a quaint little dining area for breakfasts and readily served baguettes, croissants, cake, cereal, tea and coffee etc. A nice little cat also paid us a visit during breakfast. He's the hotels cat and displayed his affection for my fellow roommate by drooling all over her.

After a short but sweet breakfast, the university as a group was whisked off to something called Premier Vision [english] which is in short an exhibit for buyers and sellers alike to come together to purchase, trade and discuss the upcoming trends for years to come. There was an interesting display of fabrics which we were not allowed to photograph. There was lots to see and hordes of people running around with clipboards looking important. I even witnessed a lady buy a vintage £900 dress. If for the pattern or whatever the price is still extortionate. But c'est la vie in the fashion world.
{who doesn't love iphone photos?}

One hour too long later, me and my fellow students failed to establish any real connections or learn anything ground breaking about the industry so off we went again a coach ride away from freedom to then yonder towards some popular and very tall, famous building - the Eiffel Tower.

A couple dozen thousand metro tickets later and not a moment too soon we reached Paris's greatest landmark. It'd been 4 years since I set foot in Paris and my recollection of the Eiffel Tower was all too fuzzy. It was lovely to revisit with different people and I had a wonderful time. Though it was blisteringly cold and the queue for the Eiffel Tower was crazy it was all worth it. We started queuing a little before dusk so that the city would be dark once we reached the top of the tower. We were also lucky enough to see a wedding couple.

Since I am still a rookie photographer I had to pilfer through several options and settings before getting the pictures I wanted. There were a lot more but these ones are my personal favourites and best picks. Night fell and the cold came with it, I could barely feel my fingers whilst atop the Eiffel Tower. Only the adrenaline and breathtaking scenery kept me in my wits with the cold.  If I'm being completely honest I could've sat in the presence of that wonderful view forever but I would've sooner turned into an ice-cube and my friends agreed that we needed to escape the cold {after a couple hundred photos}. In such a touristic area we believed ourselves to be in the company of good restaurants and good food and placed our trust in a cafe/ restaurant named Le Malakoff. The menu wasn't all too exciting but the food was up to standard and fairly priced plus the profiteroles are the nicest profiteroles that I have ever eaten.

{Please forgive my half-awakeness in these photos & I hope you enjoyed my standard touristic jump in front of the Eiffel.}


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