En Paris pt. III


{the third day}

This was the day that I skipped breakfast so I could spend another couple hours in bed. I felt predictably incredibly rough but enjoyed the day regardless. We visited a musuem near Le Louvre named "Les Arts Decoratifs". Our tutors dubbed it the textile musuem however there was very little textile and actually more printed and photographic art. The exhibition we saw (named GOUDEMALION) was one featuring the works of JEAN-PAUL GOUDE a retrospective. Goude is a well respected and well known illustrator, graphic designer, photographer and advertising film director. An example of his work is the PRADA CANDY fragance advert which he directed.

 {the black shoes are exactly 1ft, wow.}

 {Can you believe this is a real person? I thought it was a mannequin when I first saw it - but my friends said she would get up from her seat and in her rollerblades she would float around the museum and frighten visitors. The rollerblades gave her the eerie dancing ghost effect - sadly I missed this...}


There was also a section on Grace Jones who Goude had worked with for various chanel campaigns. Jones is a singer, famous for her strong silhouette and deep luxurious voice. She was also fearless, her music videos and songs each creative and somewhat strange, but in an intriguing and curious way.

Goude is an exceptionally good photographer who'd been able to work with some big names including Naomi Campbell, Janet Jackson and (to my surprise because she isn't actually that well-known) a Hong Kong actress named Maggie Cheung (you'll see her clad in leopard print below).

On the second level of the museum there was a small section for Barbar, a popular children's cartoon starring an elephant.

 { I strongly desire the red kings robe..}

I really enjoyed the museum as part of the trip {more so than the day at premier vision although I'm pretty sure my lecturers would've prefer if it were the other way round. I'm not a very productive person you see...}

After I saw everything that I believed to be interesting me and some friends left the museum to venture out into Paris's shopping capital. Armed with a Starbucks we strolled to the area where most stores were and I refused to leave without at least standing in the doorway of every designer store I've ever admired. Also we just had to stop in some would say designer chocolate stores just to oggle at the goods they had for sale.

{I've a guilty pleasure for tourist-antics}

Mussels and paella for dinner then a cheesecake of sorts for dessert. Another good day and another good night.
Loves. x

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