En Paris pt. IV

{the last day}

On the very last day {yes, although I said we'd be there for five days the entire of the fifth day was spent travelling so this would be le finale ~ } our hours of the morning were spent at a very famous antiques market known as "Porte de Clignancourt", sadly I am lacking severely in photos for this expedition because most shop owners were highly uncomfortable with having their goods' photo's taken but I just had to snap this one mega anime painting purely because I was so surprised to see it there - so out of place with all the old furniture and jewellery I saw. A many few hours later the morning drifted into noon and after a small lunch {omelettes for me!} we went to visit a few more hotspots in Paris. Starting with a very exciting and adventurous trip to... McDonalds... PARIS.

{Fear not, we soon ended up at the Palace of Versailles.}

Sadly by the time we reached it the ticketing booth was closed and we were only able to gaze in from outside it's pearly golden gates and mass expanse of cobbled flooring {wearing wedges was clearly a brilliant idea...} We were not disheartened however as we made our way to the Notre Dame cathedral which was haunting but beautiful.

 {Within the building, people were allowed to light candles and place them on stands whilst making a small prayer or wish, the church suggests donations of €2 depending on how generous your heart is, there were also larger candles to take away for a little of a larger donation and my kind heart donated on both occasions.}

 {there was also a ceremony being held at the time, lit by chandleliers it was equally eerie as I watched the priest in his robes and the attendees standing up and bowing on cue}

Many a photos later  we wandered back onto the streets, night had fallen steady and we were hungry and excited to spend our last day in a nice restaurant for one final Paris time this trip. There was so much choice and we were walking around for a good 30 minutes in the drizzle of rain before deciding on a bar/restaurant.

I had salmon with green beans in some kind of foreign cheese sauce {I disapprove} but it was lovely regardless and I finished my dinner as I always do. Friends had scallops and chicken with some sort of rice pudding. The best part was of course cocktails, I don't often try cocktails because to me they all taste like a funny mix of fruit juice - which they were nonetheless, I cannot even remember what I had, I just remember it having banana juice and it was incredibly chunky and sweet, good either way.

The very last night, in the later hours I decided I could not leave without trying a bit of french sushi. It was a fantastic deal for lots of sushi, tasted amazing and I believe they cut no corners. It was actually better than my local bog standard Yo!Sushi, but Yo! is all I have so I'll have to bare with them for that much longer. Ah well.

So all touristic things done, me and friends, very satisfied headed back for our final night at the hotel and prepared for our travels back to the greener pastures of England.



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