Hyper Japan in Lita's


Do you behold the beauty that is my Jeffrey Campbells? I know I do, having contemplated for a very long time I decided to finally give in and invest in a pair of lovely lace up heeled booties and my, are they gorgeous. I even wore them in the house so I could tread around in its black leather beauty. They go with literally everything and if I ever get the money I definitely want them in different colours and styles hah.
I wore them the entire day for Hyper Japan, there was lots of standing around and walking around but they are definitely more comfortable than your bog standard heeled booties, the high quality leather and strong wooden sole were definitely money well spent - also, they are very true to size and fit me comfortably as a size 4 and do not pinch in any areas.

Anyway, the main point of this post of course is none other than HYPER JAPAN.
Oh heavens my slightly nerdy side has once against unearthed itself somewhat...

8am starts are always rather ugly for me so I groggily rolled out of bed, had a furious panic of outfit decisions and what to take before rushing out the door for the taxi. Getting to the station about 10 minutes early provided me with the time for some heavily needed caffeine boost...

After two hours on a train and a couple of underground station rides we were finally there ... Hyper Japan !

{This man wouldn't stop moving so the photo's all blurry and I was much too shy to ask him for a photo haha}

Hyper Japan was sponsored by many gaming companies and readily prepared just under a hundred consoles for HJ attendees to test drive new games on. The staff were also on hand to help teach you and talk to you about the games, the consoles and what it had to offer. A couple rounds later on the PS3 I returned to wandering around the stores...

{A very special appearance of Beckii Cruel!}

{Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy IX}

Predictably there were Lolita's at the corner of every eye, and to accompany this popular japanese fashion trend there were at least half a dozen Lolita stands selling everything from dresses to shoes to hats and jewellery.

{ Cosplayers ahoy! }

There were indeed too many things for me waste spend my money on, I'm a sucker for all things cute and collectable, especially when the characters or items are from anime and manga that I recognise. Thankfully I had lots of self control that day {also known as a heavy shortage of money} and didn't end up spending too much of a regrettable amount.

{This guy had really awesome hair/dress-sense .. }

{Meeting Mario! I've met him many a times promoting nintendo games in various shopping centers but he always puts a smile on my face}

{Iron Man 2}

{super yummy!}

I understand that his outfit is questionable but I found it rather interesting - is it cosplay? is he just quite literally dressed up as an anime but not a character? who knows. He wore it with confidence and it was different and that I liked. (Though I wonder if he got into trouble for the nudity hmm!)
I feel like I haven't taken that many photos but it's all good, heading out of HJ me and fellow Otaku's went to Chinatown for dinner and swiftly headed home, here's just a few snaps of what I bought.

The ram ears were far too expensive and I often questioned why I fell for it's ridiculously cute and expensive charms, nevertheless it's part of my collection of headbands now and I've grown quite fond of it.
Hyper Japan was great fun however I missed the fashion show due to the crowd, there was no way round and I couldn't see a thing and that made me immensely sad, I've mixed feelings about attending next year as although it was fun and vast it felt a little too short and although there were lots to see at the same time I felt there wasn't enough, but going made me think about my time as a crew member for other conventions which I remember being vividly fun, maybe I'll crew for Hyper Japan the following year... Who knows ~


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