Leicester Highcross Student Lock In !


Two or three times a year my local shopping centre hosts an event known as a Student Lock-In exclusively available to students with student ID and there are usually 10-20% discounts off popular high street stores. I've been to one before and written about it on an old blog of mine and back then it was heavily popular and extremely busy. However this year it all seemed a bit bleak. The sales were just not as popular and some stores weren't offering much. There was a heavy decline in sale shoppers and students and I'm not sure if I put it down to poor availability of clothing or lack of funds. Either way I am a complete sucker for sales and did not want to regret leaving empty handed so on the moment I impulse bought a pair of wet-look leggings which I have lusted after for quite some time . . . and some cheap rings from Miss Selfridge.
Leggings are courtesy of Topshop.

Mixed feelings on the leggings as I don't consider myself thin enough to pull them off with daily outfits or for nights out... the tag's still on and I shall ponder if they're a keeper when matched with other garments. Or maybe I'll just cut back on food.


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