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"You should've ironed it," was the first thought that crossed my friend's mind when I showed him this T shirt. But of course that'd betray my lazy nature and god forbid I do that!

A Question Of clothing is ethical apparel produced by people who believe that fairly sourced materials and fairly treated workforces are the way forward - and of course it is. They pride themselves on their "made in Africa" goodness and are "one of the few fashion brands in the world, solely based on fair trade and sustainability." They make simple, good, and witty garments and often collaborate with illustrators and designers from around the world. Although they are a lesser known brand, their enthusiasm and approach to ethical fashion really appeals to me and I also really like the quirkiness.
However what initially sold me on the T shirt wasn't the fact that it was ethically friendly (I'm coming clean here...) I really liked the graphic. I'm a self-confessed blogaholic and own (then abandon) several blogs and really just wanted this T shirt for that novelty (a matter of fact I am wearing it right now!). It however on it's own is a very nice T shirt. A bit on the expensive end for my taste in T shirts but I believe it to be all worth it. Find more about A Question Of on their blog!

Credit again to a very kind friend of mine who was selfless enough to give up an Epik High T shirt that came with his Map The Soul album earlier last month.

Since this is a relatively new blog I've hadn't really emphasised properly my love for Korean underground hip-hop group Epik High. They are hugely successful in Korea and I followed them through from their peak to their hiatus. Their front man Tablo is my absolute idol and inspiration. There's not a public figure I love more than him. And this in itself is also a very lovely T-shirt. It fit me perfectly and the material is lovely also.

I'm also a sucker for discounts so when I saw a 25% off voucher in last week's Grazia magazine I chopped it up and bought it to my nearest American Apparel. Although they mostly just sell basics and nothing too complicated their garments can be still highly pricey. I opted for one of the alphabet T shirts as I've seen them around but never realised that their retailer was American Apparel. I was initially torn between the letters Aa and Jj since A had a nice font and J is obviously my name but the shop assistant and a friend told me that the X/Z was better. So I leaned towards popular opinion and got the X T shirt. No regrets!

Now I don't know if you've noticed but all three of these happen to be white T shirts and more so they are all either men's t shirts or unisex. Male T shirts often have nicer designs I always thought - is it strange to buy men T shirts for myself? (Hmmm...)

Image above powered by - the iPhone 4, hence the quality. 

I always considered eating out to be the expensive-er option than staying in and cooking. Dining at Druckers certainly is but that can only be expected of a slightly fancier coffee shop with slightly fancier cakes, tarts and pies. I must however declare that the cakes are exceptional and everyone should try them at least once. The following photo is from an equally overpriced teppanyaki place. I shan't mention the name of the restaurant since the service was bluntly put : terrible. The sushi & sashimi were terribly average for their price and there were also a few hiccups during that one particular restaurant trip which turned out rather funny. For me at least.

The extremely blurry photo with twirly pasta is from Bella Italia, a restaurant that I'd longed to visit but never got the chance to before yesterday. I was not disappointed and the food was lush from the starter to the dessert, I'd definitely visit again just to try another dish and the busy hustle bustle atmosphere was just perfect. I feel uncomfortable in restaurants that are too busy or too quiet. Something very true that my friend pointed out was "you know it's busy when you start hearing things smashing," but alas nothing was smashed and everything was the delicious and it was a nice evening in general. 

Earlier today me and that same friend (I think we're becoming dinner date friends @Charlotte!) visited a pub that offered an exceptionally good deal, two meals for under £6? Yes please. I was a bit apprehensive as I'd never properly had a pub meal and I was thinking the price was crazy good so the food must be lacking. I deeply hoped that they proved me wrong and they did, the food was decent and I enjoyed it. It did go cold very quickly but I do believe that might just be down to me being a very slow eater...
I did feel very British afterwards.


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