A wintery winter.


Snow! In the lovely land of England a six hour snowfall was gracing our motorways, cities and villages alike. Everything was white, pristine and pretty. Can you tell I love snow?
Then there are those who hate it, those that think practically I suppose. But I love it all the same. 
Super quick updates as I do not have sufficient photos or items with me to write about but there are a few exciting things on the agenda. My black sheer skirt finally arrived! I mentioned it several posts ago but it's the new generic must have for the ending of my autumn winter and the beginning of my spring summer! (despite heavy snowfall!) 

University asked me to do a themed mood board for topshop based on three popular and trending themes : these included ; water babies, tribal artistan and mod couture. I chose water babies and tribal artistan since my knowledge on retro fashion actually falls a little short. I am shameful, don't worry. Lots of reading for me to do!! (or shopping...)

They also asked us to do it purely on photoshop, no mean feat for me but I must admit I was lazy and most of the tools I used to create this mood board with I could've used in paint. I could've done my entire mood board on microsoft paint. Constructive aren't I? Moving swiftly on...

After hand-in I headed home for work at the weekend and to my delight had some lovely packages waiting for me! One of which being the sheer maxi skirt.

If it's not yet evident, let me reiterate, I love anime. More specifically, I love Mawaru Penguindrum. So I just had to have the case. Was it overpriced? yes. But I do not regret a single penny I spent on it. It's good quality too, mind you. The picasso inspired scarf is from ebay, courtesy of http://www.vipxo.co.uk/ - one of my favourite blogspots which focusses on finding lovely fashion replica's at affordable prices.
I shall touch on the topic of faux designer goods on a later date.
I'll also take better photographs of this lovely maxi I bought from Zara - this shot is simply here because I liked the look of my hair (for once) oh the vanity.

I bought lovely diamonte threaded bracelets from Urban Outfitters - A whole of 3 for 2 of my newest (and closest) friends at Uni. There was a blue and pink alternative - leaving me with the black. The cake was a feeble apology attempt from a friend... which only half worked I must admit. 


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