First Yesstyle Haul & Review !


I've felt very in touch with my roots and culture lately partaking in so many activities of late and finally! A little post on fashion {I do realise I've been going off track and the lack of fashion-related posts is rather impactive for my little wannabe fashion blog} for my latest splurge on popular Asian shopping site

Yesstyle is used by many people all over the world and stems from Asian countries mainly Hong Kong and China. It's used by Americans, Koreans, the English and of course the Chinese community. I've mentioned a couple times that I'm a huge fan of and Yesstyle has a wider range though it takes a bit of patience to sift through the good and the bad products as there is a lot of stock on the website. Also I say splurge because you have to spend over £90 on the website in order to qualify for free shipping - otherwise you must pay £5 for shipping which is rather steep so of course, with the help of a friend - I hit the target. But at three items - it is rather steep, but the quality of the products are good and I do not regret making this purchase.

Here are the items I bought and what they were advertised like on the website by the models (who are ridiculously thin, eugh.)

 All images above are property of and I do not own them. 

And now for the review! Here are how they look in REAL LIFE.

Everything is packaged in plastic to keep them dust proof and in immaculate condition and each bag is labeled correctly just in case of returns and such.

This is the first garment - it's one size only so I was worrying that it wouldn't fit and the model looked tall to me and I didn't want to drown myself out in something that was too long either but luckily it did fit me but the zipper leggings that came with it as a set were overlocked poorly so there was a hole in them... which I will fix later since it's easier to fix it myself then have to send things back and forth again. The fabric is a nice thick cotton quality which is good because I don't see too much layering working for this top/dress it's something that would be better worn on its own I reckon. One little thing bothered me however - when the model wore it the colour looked more like a deep rust rather than a brown to me but when I recieved mine it was very brown - not that it's a major issue since I recently bleached my hair blonde and it seems to go somewhat with this top/dress. (It was bleached for pinking purposes but that can wait ~)

The second garment, just a shoulder cut-out top and I love those - I have a thing for shoulder cut out tops and it's never really been explainable to me but it'll be a nice summer staple. Again good cotton quality, easy to wear and goes with many colours and outfits, however I wish it were that tiny bit longer so I could get away with just wearing leggings underneath it or perhaps wearing it as a dress but it is far too short for that ~!

{I like to watch cartoons while blogging.}

I'm not certain if I've mentioned afore but I have a very strong disliking for buttons {and I do fashion, yes, what is wrong with me} which is why I could never find a suitable cable knit chunky cardigan - until now. The shape of the back did throw me off a little but now that it's arrived I'm glad I bought it, yet again fantastic quality and super warm, I love the shape and the comfort of it, my first ever cardigan left me feeling old since it's generally believed to be granny attire but sometimes comfort begets style.

Overall very happy with my first ever Yesstyle order. It was a little on the pricey side so it may be a while before I shop there again but at least I'm partially set for spring/summer !


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