Judy's Vintage Fair / in Leicester !


Since University has decided to send me away on a three week placement at GAP I decided to kick start my easter early and escape hectic (I do mean dull) uni life to laze about at home where I can avoid cooking and washing for myself for at least a month. Plus of course there's that nostalgic luxury of being back in my own bed. Nothing quite beats it! 

Another thing that was rather timely was Judy's Vintage Fair, a travelling fair that prides itself on sourcing and stocking only affordable vintage pieces from traders around England. They cover over 30 cities and set up stalls all around England. They sell womenswear, menswear, accessories, cupcakes, teacups and more general bits and bobs. JVF, also claims to have been featured in Elle, Grazia and Marie Claire magazine - further urging me to go. Although I read magazines almost religiously I've little seen them feature but decided that if they were good enough to have a spread then they're good enough to prompt a visit, so off I went on a beautiful sunny spring day into Leicester town once again. My mother was also kind enough to let me borrow her bag and thanks to another kind soul I did not have to face the commitments of shopping alone today.

Abercrombie Jacket / Zara T Shirt / Miu Miu Bag / H&M wedges / NEXT Necklace 

 The carrot cakes with red icing were delicious - not a preferred breakfast but I do not turn down tasty food when it knocks at my door!

 See that grey Rihanna jumper? I later purchased a different jumper from the same shop - I forget the name unfortunately but will credit when I find it ...

I must admit I'm not entirely sure why I drag myself to so many vintage fairs since I myself, I'd say shamefully but it's all a matter of opinion no? - Am not particularly fond of vintage fashion for myself per se, I just really look up to those that can pull it off and of course the uniqueness and stylishness that lies within certain key vintage pieces. I have a more modernistic approach to style but I love these fairs enough to go even if just to look.  

 To my delight there was a sweet little shop dubbed the prettiest things and find their web store here! they sold surely weird but moreso wonderful jewellery and if I'd the money I would buy absolutely all of their wares but had to settle myself with all of three rings which were selling for £3 but my super amazing bargaining skills whittled it down to £2.50 each. Not much but a save nonetheless and I'm not one to complain about bargains when they are in fact more expensive on their web shop!

So sightseeings done I also bagged myself this American Flag peace top for £15, it's incredibly comfy and cute, three rings as mentioned and I'm overall happy with my spendings. I somehow spent more than I'd wanted to and had to escape the allure of shops before I became a very broke (but stylish) girl.

 See that Chinese opera mask ring? sadly it is too big for me but that will not stop me from wearing it! It was actually the first ring that caught my eye and it's somewhat scary but not enough to distract from it's strange loveliness. It's hard to find another ring that actually goes with it's garish bronze trimmings however but I'm sure I'll find an accompaniment - or just wear it by itself either way...

I was actually supposed to blog about something else earlier but time had it's way with me and in short I forgot - this little number below was a ring I'd anticipated ever since ordering it off eBay but it was disappointing. I should've expected it's low quality but it looked so deceitfully cool in the advert photos - my parents were asking me weather it was a worm or a snake. Just to clarify - it's a fish and it's a lot smaller than what I'd expected. I guess it would somewhat be on the same wavelength as the mask ring though. Maybe.

No blog post is complete without a few gratuitous iphone pictures!

PEACE and stay cool !!

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  1. everything looks so amazing - I am loving those rings

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