Leicester's Chinese Food Fair

I like to think that I have dealt fairly well with internet deprivation as I've been keeping myself busy with a number of things. Individuals close to me will know that I've been busy uprooting from my old home of ten years to a newer place. That's right - I've moved! I probably have too much to write about in regards to moving so I'll save that topic for a different post.

A weekend ago or so I had a brief reunion with a college friend of mine, since we're both based in Leicester and I was home for the easter there was absolutely no excuse to not see her! And even more temptingly there was an Asian food fair being held at our local Markets so we had to check that out of course. (It's an unspoken role of being Asian to be curious about such activities.)
It was absolutely packed with people, I believe this would be an appropriate time to use the term "like sardines" - Managing to see several foods but only tasting at most one type of food I left a little dissatisfied but it was far too busy and the queues were horrendously long and I'd have died of either old age or starvation by the time that I placed an order. 

 I was told by the stall owner that bubble tea would take up to 95 minutes if I wanted one. Wow...

Failing to fill up on stall food (that wasn't particularly cheap either) me and said friend ended up back in the shopping centre which is a local hotspot for fellow citizens of Leicester to check out the newest addition of cafe's - the Highcross shopping centre is now the proud trader of Patisserie Valerie! A quaint and classy little shop that's known well for its cakes - I've yet to try their savoury and lunch menu but that is all just a matter of time.

A little bit on the pricey side but that's expected with the service and quality of food that they provide. I tried a delicious tiramisu with iced tea while my friend indulged in a double chocolate gateau.

Anyone that hasn't been I highly recommend it - visit your local Druckers or Patisserie Valerie if you have a sweet tooth and you won't regret it!



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