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I really have nothing much to write about at the moment as I've been slightly ill this past week and feeling incredibly disgruntled with my work placement. It's been repetitive lately and I've just been so unmotivated. I'm expected to keep a blog about my work experience and I love blogging so I thought it'd be a doddle but  whenever I'm made to do something I just feel less like doing it. I believe I've mastered the theories of logic in life.
But anyway, in my boredom I decided to do what I do best - shop! The gem you see above is lovely isn't it? Courtesy of Miss Selfridge it was just £1 on sale and I saw no flaw or loss there until about twenty minutes later where I started fiddling with it on the bus ...

and it broke. Sad.

But it's alright because I bagged myself another thing from Miss Selfridge! This headband used to be £10 and was reduced to £1. AMAZING. It's really quite nice too - and different. I don't wear earrings although my ears are pierced and these look just like long earrings except it's part of the band. Convincing myself it was incredibly cool and chic and of course - cheap it was a no brainer and I walked out the store happy with myself.

Also - being an Apple fangirl of sorts {I'm in love with Apple products - sue me!} I bought their first ever iPod nano around six years ago and it finally broke on me but then a friend introduced me to an iPod replacement program ... sending off a broken iPod I had nothing to lose! Little did I know only a couple of weeks later Apple would send me a brand new nano 8gb! (my old one was 2gb) but since I've an iPhone I have little need for it - still chuffed nonetheless.

Apologies for really boring update - but it's easter soon! Yay!

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  1. The jewelry pieces are so beautiful. MAgical even!



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