Stone's Lips.


I plead guilty. Completely guilty of two things. One, being madly, deeply and truly in love with Lara Stone, a dutch supermodel famous for her amazing to-die-for figure and obviously, her teeth. Much discussion has gone into her face and teeth as some think she's ugly and /or alien-like but to me she is perfect, and need I mention her amazing career? She's modeled for CKone, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Mercedes Benz and more. She is a brilliant model whose facial expressions can instantly shift from the moody, aloof model to a quick, cute, candid giggle. I love her. (I'm sure you're questioning my sexuality right now...)
Which brings me on to my second divulgence, I'm a self-confessed addicted tumblrette and it just so happened that a blogger I follow wore a Lara Stone's lip T shirt. I knew that instant that I needed one too so naturally asked her "Where's this from? it's amazing!" she replied "Markus Lupfer" and after some furious googling I was very disappointed to see that the T shirt was very expensive and very sold-out.
But a fashion and Lara Stone lover will not stop there, I keep shopping sites at arms lengths always and check back on regular intervals to see new stock and to my luck there was a Lips T shirt going for sale at - one of my absolute favourite shopping sites which sponsors and is a Lookbook love also. It's a duplicate of sorts I guess and of that - I am guilty. But I am absolutely delighted with the T shirt, it's going to be a definite summer staple due to it's chic simpleness and obviously alluring graphic. I know, it's yellow, and yellow actually is my favourite colour - however not to wear. But for this, I will make an exception. 

 Going to be annoying to wash/clean so I guess I won't wear it ALL the time... if that can be helped.

Another thing I bought that I'd wanted for ages - Topshop does a slightly different version which sold out pretty quickly so Storets once again came to my rescue and graced me with a lovely studded headband.

Completely related to nothing but worth a mention nonetheless are these chocolate bars from Thorntons - they are absolutely amazing and not as expensive as you'd think! This cappuchino bar is definitely my new favourite. Comes in more flavours - try them sometime!

Stay cool.

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  1. Love the top - I need one of those choc truffle bars!

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