Avoiding May.


Back in Birmingham and there's of course University plaguing my mind and haunting me with my assignments -  I took a mini break from it all and met my friend for a quick dinner. We are quite impracticably aiming to try every menu in every restaurant in Birmingham since we're both foodies of the same caliber with too much time on our hands {wherever food is concerned anyway}. So off to Handmade Burger Co. we embarked and they know how to make a filling burger.

Managed to stab myself with a tiny shard of glass. Was gonna sue but the food more than made up for it.

Lamb & Mint burger was delicious.

My friend had chicken & cheese burger.

While printing out some CVs in my Uni Library a girl asked me where my tights were from - I always find it so flattering when people ask me where certain items of my attire are from. For those wondering - it's Forever21.

Attempts of doing outfit shots but I'm completely incapable of posing properly in public places and even worse at composing my face.

OOTD : T shirt - A Question Of / Shorts - River Island / Cardigan - Yesstlye / Wedges - H&M / Rocco Duffle Bag - Alexander Wang 

Also it's May next month (need I remind you) it's also my birth month, I'm not prepared to come out of my teenage years and shall deny it until the day dawns. I'm already afraid of growing old. Yikes.


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