Birmingham Student Sales !


Student loans are wonderful things and I'm here to teach you how not to use them. Birmingham's Bullring timed their student sales perfectly (of course) the Thursday right after I was given my student spending money they hosted a monthly student sale and that meant for most high street shops, items were 20% off.
The list included big brand names such as : Forever21, Topshop, River Island, Miss Selfridge, H&M, Vero Moda/ Jack Jones and more.

I vowed to go crazy and buy absolutely anything that I liked but I guess it's a win-win situation that I didn't manage to splurge after all. Strangely only Forever21 had things that I really wanted to buy. But that was enough for a day's spending - I am after all currently unemployed. {The search continues!}
Plus sadly shops like Zara weren't having sales though there are about a million things I want from there.

{what I wore to the student event!}

{it's kind of usually this busy on weekends but the sales were held on a Thursday}

{Topshop were giving out sweets but sadly I arrived too late to receive any.}

Forever21 which is the store in which I spent most of my money. On the bottom level where menswear usually is and even more womenswear there was a styling show happening hosted by University College Birmingham students {hair styling students to be specific}. They were showcasing different ways to have your hair at the same time displaying examples of how a trend can be dressed - they did their styling research and did not team up with any fashion designer or stylists, impressive.

I was told that Forever21 really grabbed the tribal trend by the horns and went forward with bright tribal prints and aztec markings while other stores drove their tribal trends more towards Miami prints {River Island} and florals plus Egyptian print. Other stores immersed themselves in pastel colours and brights for S/S12 {Topshop}.

After being caught up in the sales and losing all track of time hence the lack of photos I found myself unable to really visit all the shops I really wanted to go to. Coming to this realisation I turned to food for comfort. Del Villagio is a place I always wanted to go - the service was admittedly disappointing since it wasn't that busy but staff failed to serve us until we made eye-contact {awkward} and even so it took them several minutes to serve drinks and what felt like several hours to serve food. 

Thankfully the food was delicious - it was the least we could ask for.

{the reviews}

I was way too tired to blog about the day on the day so here are the reviews. I bought a couple of other things that I wasn't able to photograph but they'll feature in another post ~

Multiple rings from Forever21, must credit FashionGanache after seeing her post on multiple rings I found them endlessly cool. 

Below are the key pieces that I bought, the grey mullet maxi and green mullet top are both from Forever21 and yes - I'm big on mullet styles this season, they're just so chic and perfect for spring/summer. 

{hi Bambi!}

The grey dress is gorgeous but very hard to wear, it's bodycon but most bodycon's hold you in while this dress is pure jersey which is a weaker material. Must make this incentive to work on a summer body. Noted.

And here is the green top! Unfortunately it's many inches too short to wear just as a dress despite my height {as you can see}. But it goes nicely with other pastels and the same with  subtle florals.

These wedges aren't new and they're from a very random boutique in Hong Kong but deserve a feature because I absolutely love them and haven't had a chance to wear them in England yet. {Damn you weather!} 

Finishing with a pair of brown Forever21 tights - they hardly go with anything I have and even moreso shoes-wise, I love them but it looks like I'll have to purchase an outfit piece by piece just for them. An excuse to shop? I'll take that any day.


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  1. Cool :) I have only been Forever 21 once, if only Leicester had one!

    1. I know right? Leicester's desperately in need of a Forever21 and an Urban Outfitters. But Leicester's constantly expanding and I see little outlets in the Highcross being sold and bought - maybe these additions won't be too far after all :)


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