The Continental Market.


"I'm a food blog! I'm a food blog!" my mind bellowed inside my head as I began this post.
I honestly think I show up to everything that comes around to the city but the continental market just happened to be conveniently there on a day I chose to go shopping! (Honest!) Anyway these markets are nothing new to me, they roll around about 3 times a year and usually around season holidays, like Easter, Christmas and summer. The markets are made up merchants from around Europe including countries like : France, Italy, Holland, Turkey, Spain and Germany.
And the stuff that is sold ranges from food to flowers, clothes to ceramics. The stuff is usually also fairly expensive depending on what you choose to buy but since they are merchants after all anyone feeling confident can have a good go at bartering. I personally showed up for just the food but it was very fun to just look at everything.

 Paella which I had some of, it was a mix of chicken, peppers, onions and sausages and it was absolutely gorgeous.

 Swore that I'd return to this store for cupcakes, but never did.

 Maybe one day when I have my own place I'll decorate it with wooden critters and animals and have one of those super quirky houses with random clutters of sculptures that I don't want nor need. I'd like an interesting house after all!

 Also swore that I'd return to this store for some dipped strawberries but trusty England began to rain and put me off exploring the rest of the market entirely.

I did successfully have some churro's before the downpour of thunder and lightning (I'm exaggerating but it was horrible outside) due to the abrupt end of exploring the markets I spent the remainder of the day with a friend showing her humble little Leicester instead. The shopping centre Highcross had not much asides shops and coffee shops and we could only spend so long window shopping so eventually we gave in and strolled to Prezzo's (again!) for dinner, which was beautiful, before I saw my friend home.

Prezzo's Salmon pasta with red chilli's and broccoli, so yummy.

So after seeing my friend home it was around dusk, my favourite time of day. I couldn't resist just getting my camera out and capturing a few things. I love taking photos of this chandelier shop, it's right outside Leicester's train station and is so beautiful at night. 

The building with the funny tower is the train station, easily spotted and no more than 10 minute walk from town.

I am returning to the urban-er pastures of Birmingham tomorrow so I bid Leicester goodbye for another few weeks. Though chances are I will return for anything interesting that is to happen, i.e. more vintage fairs or markets. I'm a sucker for events these days.


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  1. Great post love these markets, I drool all over the place when I see FOOD. I would love to see what you get up to in Birmingham also :P x


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