Misc. Craft Fair / Alton Towers & Prezzo.

Fabrika in Leicester housed another fair recently but this time it wasn't vintage fashion, it was a craft fair. Sadly I've lost the event information but I did however manage to snap up a few photos. There were only something along the lines of half a dozen traders there but each sold slightly unique items. There were card makers, handmade jewellery and glass ornaments for sale. Everything was very pretty and very quaint however since I'm in the midst of the easter holidays I wanted to save my money other things namely, day trips and yes, food and clothes.

Speaking of food {I may as well declare myself a food blog now... nah.} I somehow found myself once again in the evil yet tasty clutches of Patisserie Valerie. A quick lunch before watching Mirror Mirror starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins. I had a salmon salad with peach iced tea, my friend had a ham and cheese croissant and Earl Grey tea.

We finished with a luxurious helping of heated waffle topped with ice cream and melted chocolate, needlessly to tell you from the way it looks that it tasted absolutely heavenly.
Mirror Mirror was disappointing, I believe Julia Roberts drove that film completely, I love her and she is a brilliant actress and perhaps the only thing that gave the movie any substance. I also went to see the film to see how Lily Collins would perform, I'm currently enticed in a book series named The Mortal Instruments who Collins is to play the lead girl. She seems only okay for the role but I await the results of her acting skills. She suddenly burst onto the scene in films (see what I did there) so I assume she must have some acting spark, I hope to be proved right.

On an entirely different day I visited Alton Towers, it wasn't as sunny as I would've liked but one mustn't ask for too much, I know. It was fun nonetheless, I had my fair share of chills and thrills and there's nothing that excites me quite like an adrenaline rush. Also on a neutral-weathered day, the rapids and log flume, on which I became soaked on, made me extremely cold but I don't regret it at all {even if I do seem to be coming down with a little bit of a cold}.
I'm not sure if I enjoyed the theme park more or dinner. I've wanted to go to Prezzo's ever since my friend introduced it to me, a decent sized Italian restaurant hidden on the inner streets of Leicester's city centre. I am definitely paying them another visit. The food looked delicious and the ambience was perfect. If my stomach had let me I would've had dessert to accompany. There's also an open kitchen where the chef prepares pizza and all in the back of the restaurant so customers could watch at will.

Also a sort of misc post I recently bought these two items, the metal chain with spikes is a hairband from Miss Selfridge and the metal hair tie is from eBay. I love metallic fashion and will wear it throughout the year. I've been wearing the hairband as a necklace however since I find most accessories that aren't sturdy have a hard time staying on my head.

Model photos courtesy of eBay.

Sorry for putting you through an utterly random post, I felt it necessary regardless.


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