Rolling Girl.


Finally! Some time to myself. I've been busy actually doing all my University work that I procrastinated over the Easter. To conclude my not-too-eventful spring break I paid a visit to Manchester and Leeds. Although a shopping hotspot of sorts with many high street stores and luxury stores plus restaurants and cafe's located conveniently close together somehow Manchester shopping has never really appealed to me. I guess one of the things I like most about that particular city is that it's China Town is half decent. The weather was also being rather bipolar that day.


{Me looking extremely cheerful}

For some strange reason I prefer Leeds as a city more so than Manchester. It just seemed more quaint and clean with just the right amount of hustle bustle. But I'm sure it's just me. Just before my departure later on that day I paid Little Tokyo a visit, there's also a Little Toyko back at my home town in Leicester but that one has a ways to go compared to this one, and apparently they're ran by separate companies under seemingly similar names... hmmm. This Little Tokyo had a koi pond and in-set seats with pillows, it was very traditional and I love that a restaurant that goes all out on its themes with decoration and such.

{a bridge over the koi pond}

{Bento boxes, half nigiri sushi and lychee ice cream with japanese style profiteroles for desert! Everything was fresh, delicious - I'd love to go again.}

The train ride home was extremely long and dull and my gameboy also ran out of battery which resulted in feeble attempts to nap - which failed.

Above are a few items that I bought while on my domestic trip two bracelets from JOY, there was a JOY store in Leicester time ago and it closed down - I'm unsure as to why but I miss that store. Macaroons from Patisserie Valerie - which the Leicester Patisserie is severely lacking - and a white foxtail! I've been wanting one for a while and bought it on a whim. Fear not it's fake fur and prone to breaking in due time because of its super low quality but currently I'm very happy with it.

Also must thank a friend for donating to me his T shirt that didn't fit him. If any of you are familiar with Asian childhood you will recognise this popular character!

I've also been blogging for coursework and just been dreading that it'd put me off blogging for myself but that was only wishful thinking, I'm somewhat of a blog addict and I can't quite sure what it is exactly but this form of creative outlet I find is productive and non-too time consuming. With that I leave you to your wonderful weekends.


Blogger's note : the title is actually from a Vocaloid song - I deemed it appropriate since by rolling essentially it means travelling, which I've been doing - but also the song itself is rather melancholy about life and it's dreams which is also somewhat appropriate but I shan't shower you in my personal life that's not what this blog is for - I'm feeling much better now and still believe that all of life's experiences are for learning and not regretting.

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  1. Looks like you had a good time in Manchester and Leeds then :p That Japanese restaurant looks so tasty! And I can't wait for the Patisserie Valerie to open in Reading soon so I can get fat on the macaroons myself! xx

    1. I'm an idiot and a half for not realising sooner this was you Tsui. <3
      I did indeed have a good time and my gosh there should be a Patisserie Valerie at every corner of every street if I could have things my way! Hope you're well. :) xx


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