Sports Day.

And by "Sports Day" I don't mean those school dictated egg and spoon, three legged races (thank god) I'm referring to the popular trend Sports Luxe that's taken the stores and fashion world by storm. Yes out of all the trends this season (tribal, pastels, 60's couture... oh and florals (for spring, groundbreaking.)) I believe my favourite is Sports Luxe. 

Sports Luxe is the oxymoronic clash of sports gear (obviously) and high fashion. Who wouldn't go jogging in nine inch heels? 
Nonetheless I love it so, it's pieces are clean cut, shapely and colourful. 
Here are some images of the trend to help you create how these complete opposites would work together. Need I mention this trend is highly inspired by the olympics 2012 that's happening for London. How excited is England? You could imagine.

image source : here

And this is River Island's take on the trend. There are probably hundreds of other mood boards but this one's most relevant and I shall tell you why...

image source : here

See the wedge high-tops in the left? Yes it was rather impulsive but I bought them home feeling extremely happy with myself. It has a conveniently concealed wedge heel for some sneaky centimeters. Don't be suprised if you see these kind of trainers swarming the high street, fashion designer Isabel Marant designed her own pair which were hugely popular and had I the money (they are £400+ a pop) I would indulge in one but I settled for the high street take on these shoes.
Here are it's predecessors :

And mine :

Sadly I do not have a (good) tripod so cue awkward mirrored photos.

Can you tell I'm wildy adventurous when it comes to outfit choices? I was just going to grocery and furniture shopping so had to restrain my strong desire to wear these with a skirt and push a trolley around in a "sports-luxe-y" manner. I'm sure I'll get the chance before summer ends. One issue I have with white shoes however is the immense pressure to keep them clean, which is difficult for a messy clumsy person like me but here's to trying.
Appropriately on the same day I purchased these I watched the Hunger Games which is... a sport of sorts. I feel like I should've read the book because even though I hadn't - the movie made me feel there were gigantic portions missing and a lot of storyline unexplained or untouched. Made I'll add it to my summer reading list.



  1. Hey, great to see a Leicester blogger! I am from Leicester too, great going :) P.S: Do you have a Facebook page where I can like your blog? x


    1. Hi! I believe this is one of the nicest messages I've ever received! Thank you so much! I think Leicester's shopping center has really improved these last few years which is great!! Unfortunately I don't have a facebook page haha, I don't think I'm quite "big" enough for one yet but if you'd like you can add me on facebook at !
      Take care!


  2. It so has! I remember being a little girl walking around the city, with such traditional looking stores. Everything is for the good though :) Sure you are big enough I have one for my blog I started this year though becoming lazy :/ its not fashion inspired. Another crazy thing to share with you is, I was going to buy these shoes though they look so hard to wear! Thanks for adding me :) x


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