Summer at Storets.


Oh my! A fashion post. Yes, just a few of my favourites from around for the up and coming (admittedly off to a slightly cold start) summer!

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6.

Although Christmas is commonly known as the party season, that does not give summer a reason to falter as the celebratory mid-year fest! I've mentioned Storets previously in my posts and they offer brilliant service and even better fashion. The first four dresses are ideal for any summer parties as they are classy and chic. The first dress is extremely high up on my wish list and I'm slowly coaxing myself into buying it. Yes it cuts a little bit short but the model is 175cm and I'm 20cm (and a bit) below that so it should be at a more comfortable length. Where would I wear it? Give me any excuse and I would wear it to any small event upcoming. I'll find an event. The second dress is also fitting of summer parties, it's bright and light, perfect for the pastel trend and is easily accessorised because of it's sleek cut and simple colour. I like to think number three speaks for itself, it's cool, it's quirky, it's black. Even if you don't wear it for summer there'll be occasions worthy of it come autumn and/or winter. Number four is by far the most summery dress, it's thin fabric is perfect defence against the (wishfully thinking) hot weather and because of it's sophisticated colour and cut - this one also won't be difficult to wear.

Numbers five and six are my take on the pink pastels, they're adorable and wearable for any occasion, even if just for catch-up coffee with friends on the terrace of a local Starbucks. Chic.

Thus concludes my super short update. There'll be more worry not.


Disclaimer : The above images are not mine and I have not been sponsored to post the above.

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