Birthday Week.


Yet another number has been added onto my birth age. I'm 20 now and feeling a little nauseous at the fact that I don't really feel I've accomplished anything at all. Nevertheless this week was lovely. Honestly lovely. Usually I cringe at my own birthdays and try to avoid the fact that the day approaches at all but thanks to friends, old and new - that have stuck by and I hope will continue to stay. They've not only made my birthday lovely but my entire birthweek. I was also lucky enough this year to meet someone with a birthday close enough to mine to celebrate together - so the whole week I indulged myself in celebrations. I'll keep this one short and sweet since I've more exciting things to write about which includes the words : Catwalk Competition, Harvey Nichols, PR experience and Fashion Designers.

In traditional birthday style and I didn't want too big of a fuss for it anyway, me and another 4 lovely girls spent the afternoon at the Slug and Lettuce. The food there is lovely and not too expensive however customer service is very questionable.

{Godly and ridiculously tasty starter platter only £12!}

{Boring choice to be reuinited with my beloved - pasta.}

{2 for 1 Pitchers and desserts filled us up to the brim!}

Restruant horror story : As I was enjoying/waiting for my food, I can't remember which, a (I assume) gypsy lady came up to me and started mashing together incoherent words while thrusting a newspaper under my nose, she had sneakily swept my iPhone up underneath the newspaper in a desperate attempt to make some quick cash, but I noticed and yanked it out of her hand, scariest moment of my life and that was the first time anything was almost stolen from me, let's hope it's the last.

From losing to gaining, let's move onto (one of) my favourite part of birthdays, well, birthweeks... gifts! from my beautiful friends. I'd like to thank the individuals that took the time to write me cards, cards are becoming a true novelty these days but I like to keep the tradition going, actions speak louder than words but sometimes there are just words that act as the icing on the cake.

{I'd also like to thank Lisa who was super thoughtful and got me some limited edition British fashion stamps, England is currently celebrating 60 years of classic british fashion and there is an exhibition at the V&A of said fashion which I shall be visiting on the 11th - along with Graduate Fashion Week!}

{Beautiful set of nOir rings, nOir is worn by the likes of Rihanna, Lady GaGa and Katy Perry.}

And gosh, my dream dress - and the print may look familiar to you as it was first recognised on Givenchy's Statement Skirt for SS11/12 but I first fell in love with this dress from and only after I received it did I notice that it was a Givenchy piece (after glancing at a magazine page).

 However it's a dress and nothing like it's prototype in which case I claim it to be a fairly original design. It doesn't matter to me either way, I've never loved a dress so much. Eat your heart out Givenchy, Koreans do it better. (I jest, I still worship you Mr. Hubert De Givenchy.)

{I've wanted this backpack since Christmas!}


I've wanted this mug ever since I saw it. 

{Adorable notebook & arm cuff from one of my sweetest and most thoughtful friends.}

I also received an Epik High poster but I haven't managed to take a good photo of it yet, I'm going to keep it pristine until I move into my new flat!

Even having been showered with so much love and gifts, I decided to spoil myself further by getting this stunning ear cuff :

You will never guess where it's from...
Miss Selfridge! Though sadly it's not on their website anymore - nor in their stores. But I'll tell you a downside - it's highly uncomfortable. No pain no gain!

Oh and last but not least, to complete any beautiful birthday, I had my own beautiful cake. 

{I would thank the courier who was so kind as to order me my personal cake but he wouldn't appreciate that so enjoy a picture of his hand.}

Lastly, thanks to you all that celebrated my birthday with me, and everyone that wished me a happy birthday - and thank you charlotte for having a birthday 4 days before mine so that we were able to celebrate together. I felt very loved the entire week.


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