Through the Dokodemo Door.


Although I'm going to be thrown violently out of teenage-hood later this month I vow to never leave my childhood roots and loves. As an Asian child I spent a lot of my time watching cartoons from Japan and being cultured by them but as a person I've always had an unhealthy addiction to phone accessories. I'm a regular at which imports phone products, accessories, toys and gifts from Japan and here is my latest haul :

 I believe only people who watch Doraemon will know what this is - it's a Dokodemo door and it's amazing! The door itself acts as a stand and the case is sturdy and well made. You can view the product here
 I also have a minor obsession Kiiroitori from San-X's Rilakkuma collection. He is definitely, for me, the cutest - and also I've somehow developed an attachment to octopi so this Hello Kitty dressed as an octopus was a must have also. 

{Image from / Product here}

Also having an iPhone meant having no phone strap  hole so this meant having to buy ones, yes it makes the phone an awkward shape and is bulky but it was a compromise because I love my phone charms just that much - watch my collections build again now that I can hang all my favourite accessories off it!


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