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Although I am supposed to be progressing (by progressing I mean starting) with my coursework I've decided to do a small update beforehand. I believe this is called procrastination but I felt like I haven't blogged in a long time - I like to let people know I'm still alive.

I've nothing spectacular to blog about unfortunately - a recent purchase that I'm extremely happy with is a Zara parka that quickly sold out online and in stores nationwide {I had to ask a friend to bring me one down from Manchester!}

I've yet to take outfit shots of said Parka but here's a sneak peak - it's pretty standard anyway. 

 Muji notebook & Pen {Required since I filled up my last notebook with useless lecture notes.}

A free Kooples magazine I picked up - giving a brief history about Kooples the label and it even includes a couple of interviews with Kooples (couples, obvs) that wear Koople clothing. It's cute and includes a couple of editiorials plus an interview with Pete Doherty who I'm none too fond of but I'm sure he's famous and "fashionable" for very good reasons.

The most expensive magazine I've ever bought {£12.50 - that's $20} but I'm a sucker for magazines - I love them, I'm addicted - I collect and I devour. I've yet to read it through from cover to cover but if I do find anymore interesting articles I will be sure to feature them.

Behold my latest bag!! I needed a lighter and more versatile bag compared to my Rocco which I still deeply love but I really just needed one to throw around and use everyday without falling through my front door in fatigue. Plus now I don't have to worry about getting this bag dirty and whatnot. It's also very spacious - has a drawstring and my laptop can fit into it - it comes with mini pockets perfect for phones and keys, make-up and bits and bobs like that. Also as you can see from it's back, it can be converted from a shoulder bag into a backpack. I found said bag on eBay for £30 and I did expect it to be of higher quality but eBay's always a gamble isn't it?

Also celebrated my dad's birthday last week - any excuse for cake makes me happy but I'm sure he enjoyed it equally. Happy Birthday Daddy!


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  1. Nice post, never heard of either magazines, am I living in the dark? :S I love magazines too, I recently bought the MaryKate and Ashley collection off Ebay, Elle version. x


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