Touch Promotion's Catwalk show in an association with Harvey Nichols Pt. I


Lately I have been volunteering with Touch PR, at the Chameleon in Birmingham who are helping to raise awareness of a Fashion Show competition which will reward the victor with a paid trip to Paris and spending money to boot and window space at luxury shopping mall Harvey Nichols. Plus of course all the fancy trimmings such as getting their work out there and getting noticed. The competition spans 3 weeks. The first tuesday would be round one, followed by round two the next tuesday and the coming Monday will be round three - the final.

What exactly is it that took me so long to write this? Well my internet was down for a good week and that added to general procrastination will equate to delayed posts, plus the first event was on the day of my friend's birthday and leaving the house in a rush meant I forgot my camera and didn't really get nice photos of the day at all.

I did however manage to meet one of the loveliest people ever, as fabmagazineonline writes :

"Honey Malaolu, is a British born Nigerian designer that encapsulates combinations of culture. Her motto is “Freedom to be Bold” though print and colour . This ideology reflects beautiful soft and structured silhouettes combined with the signature style of ethnic elegance. Her rich colours embrace the art of freedom and ethnic culture from Africa to Asia." - Source
I met Honey in one of the private rooms that The Chameleon owns, fitting her models and preparing herself for the day. She is calm and soldiers on under any given circumstance and has with her a small, yet powerful team consisting of one stylist and a hair stylist. As she is organised there is not much for me to do except watch a driven designer and stylist work together to decide which outfit would be perfect for which model. It was one of the first experiences of this type that I ever encountered so I was fascinated and looked on.

Honey's most recent collection : the butterfly collection is a gorgeous range of clothing inspired by freedom and the fluidity of a butterflies movements, the collection's clothing consisted of maxi dresses structured jackets and detailed embroidery work. She's so talented I was in honest awe.

Here are a few photos I managed to salvage using my iPhone, a lot of them aren't that good since the lighting was dim and flash is very unflattering.

Days will start with obligatory Moocha {a concession that sells bubble tea and slushies and other drinks and also frozen yogurt!}

Super experienced and professional make-up team.

Here are some up-close and personals with Honey's collection...

Even though I was supposedly meant to be working as a PR, a lot of the other PR girls acted more like PA's that night, we ran around for our designers, did odd jobs and fetched things and people when needed - however I'm not complaining, it's all a fantastic experience nonetheless and I love to be always learning.

Best wishes and good luck to Honey!

Loves. X

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