Touch Promotion's Catwalk show in an association with Harvey Nichols Pt. II


In round two of Touch Promotion's catwalk show, competition was becoming fierce. This day I felt better organised since after the first round I had learnt a lot. I also managed to remember my camera this time! I was excited to see the new collections of some up and coming designers and what was interesting was that I met a millinery designer (hats, to you and me) and her headwear was rather impressive, classy yet subtle. There was also one pure menswear designer which was another interesting element. But my key highlight of the entire experience that day was meeting my designer who coincidentally studied at DeMontfort University, where I did my Art & Design Foundation - but before we get upclose and personal, I do have some backstage snippets to share!

The day consisted of running around after models and there were at least 5 model switches after some girls had to drop out, the whole day was getting rather panicky and everyone was feeling hot and bothered backstage, myself included. However after the model fiasco was sorted and the queue's for makeup had died down everything eventually got itself back on track.

{The Chameleon, a lovely venue.}

{Designers had to do their own model's hair since only make-up was taken care of.}

{Short bursts of interviews were going on that day -with designers.}

 {Several hours later, both designers and models were anticipating the runway ... }

There are two types of people in this word, those that inspire and those that are inspired. As much as fashion designers are driven and influenced by their favourite designers, I've truly met no other that offers so much attention to detail and produces such beautiful prints as Shivani, in her own right I believe she is an artistic pioneer who pours her heart and soul into creating wearable art.

Only in her early twenties Shivani Chavda recently graduated from DeMontfort University but is extremely prepared for the fashion industry with plenty of experience and bragging rights. Securing herself a place at Graduate Fashion Week helped her become a finalist for the 'Zhandra Rhodes Catwalk Textiles Award'. After this she won the BFC Warehouse designer competition which allowed her to work with them and have her works displayed, you can view this here alongside this she also won the BFC illustration award. But it doesn't stop there, Shivani also took part in the Clothes Show Live (hosted annually in Birmingham) - Where she won young British designer of the year and now at Touch's / Harvey Nichol's event she is through to the finals, only good things await this young fashionista.

Her collection was influenced by powerful yet graceful animals of the amazon and jungle. Colours are bold and striking without being overpowering - and then beautifully draped into maxi dresses, trousers and two piece garments.

At Touch, Shivani was extremely organised and co ordinated, aware that there'd be makeup artists available she still bought her own makeup and in the end it turned out that she had to do some of the makeup herself which was lucky!

{She hand painted all of her shoes so that they'd match their corresponding dresses, if that's not dedication I don't know what is.}

{This is Shivani and her stunning collection, she was the designer I was allocated to work with and I felt extremely lucky as she was boundlessly talented, friendly and fun - plus we were also opening the show which was convenient since we wouldn't have to switch our models around!}

{Models... in their correct running order, raring to go!}

{and off they went!}

{And finish! for us anyway.}

{Myself and the lovely Shivani Chavda.}

Her hand painted and handmade business cards... little works of art in themselves really...

{To end the event, the night's show was  followed by the Touch after party where PR's and general Touch staff / designers, models etc. got free drinks and private seating area's, there was also a raised dancing platform.}

Couple hours of drinks and dancing later I decided it was time to go home, tired after a days hard work (and yes dancing) bed was all I needed.

Overall another great day, another fantastic experience and what was most rewarding was being able to meet and work with some of the most inspirational and hard working people I've ever met. Also I was able to make some connections and now have a nice collection of business cards ranging from models, to designers to makeup artists and photographers. 

I am completely and totally prepared for Monday. Can't wait to snap and share!


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