Touch Promotion's Catwalk show in an association with Harvey Nichols - Finals


The third and final week of the Fashion Rox shows were bittersweet. The overall experience had been boundlessly fun and I'd enjoyed myself so much. It was more play than work but perhaps because I was doing what I love. As the show drew to a close I had another chance to work with Shivani (Who I wrote about in detail in my previous post) and also a chance to see who made it to the finals since I'd been working in close proximity with them all. The daily routine ran similarly to the last two shows with hair and makeup being done throughout the day right up until the show.

Also Umberto Gianni, the a sponsor of Fashion Rox attended and worked with the models and designers.

{This collection actually won to the show - I fail to recall the designer's name but it was pure menswear with quirky twists, Shivani whom I worked with became a runner up.}

{After the show...}

Promoters, designers, models and participants were all thanked in a little back room of The Chameleon with a glass of champagne each. A lot of work was put into the show and thankfully it was a good show, you reap what you sow after all!

The extremely talented make-up team that worked with 'Fashion Rox' can be found via their facebook page, they also take commissions!

Photographers with professional photos of the event including backstage and final photos can be accessed here -

Also a massive thank you to all that has taken the time to check out my blog, even if only briefly and all the people I didn't get to say goodbye to as well. It was wonderful to be able to work among such a lovely bunch of people and gain so much experience. I'll miss this and you all!



Just a little space for what I wore for the finale :

{on the way to the Chameleon...}

{On the night I was wearing nearly all of my favourite things haha ~}

OOTD : Parka - Zara, Dress - Storets, Clutch - Maison Du Posh, Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bracelet - Links Of London, Shoes - River Island (Though later on I was wearing Jeffrey Campbells!)

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