Graduate Fashion Week / June 2012


I am aware that GFW was actually months ago however I was unable to write about the event until now because right after I attended on one of the days I flew the very next day to Hong Kong where I was internet deprived for a full month.

Unfortunately also for me, (and maybe you) I have a memory like a sieve and so am unable to write about GFW in great detail so a lot of this post will just be a photo dump.

For those unfamiliar with GFW it's an event where students from universities all over England (mainly 3rd years that are nearing the end of their course) display their best selection of works and have some big brand names scout out some raw talent for their company. It's not just clothes however, GFW displays a fine selection of yes, garments but also fashion communication portfolio's and illustration art works. It's also an event for brands themselves to gain more recognition and make a few more connections but it's mainly for the students.

The atmosphere was reminiscent of shopping at a luxury brand, there were so many things I'd be delighted to purchase and wear right away but alas, effort, talent and artworks, garment pieces like such are irreplaceable to and to their makers - priceless.

Needless to say that British talent is extremely raw, exciting, innovative and a lot can be expected from up and coming designers and those in fashion marketing communication roles alike. I am extremely proud to be British and hopefully I'll find my niche in the fashion world. Watch this space as in the next 2-3 years I will be given an opportunity to showcase my own work at Graduate Fashion Week. Hopefuls can hope and I must apologise for the tardiness and messiness of this post.

Loves. X

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