Thailand, Day I & II


These blog posts are extremely fragmented and that in turn makes me uncomfortable as I feel my blog begins to look a bit disjointed and messy. I hate writing overdue blogposts!

But where had I disappeared to this past month? Well of course my second home, a place named Hong Kong and also a quick side trip in Thailand. Since I've been going back to Hong Kong rather regularly I neglected to take too many photos but I took advantage of the chance to get trigger happy while spending a week in Thailand. It was my first ever time in Thailand and to me it felt a lot like how I imagine India would. The place is very beautiful and the culture is ripe in existent in almost every architecture and lifestyle.

{I love airports}

A month after my birthday has passed. Going to Thailand seemed like a good continuation celebration since my parents missed my actual birthday. Thailand is super hot and buzzing with natural countryside life. It sees there isn’t a single person that doesn’t own a moped/motorbike. However since I am with a Hong Kong tour group I couldn’t read the brief – let alone stray from it. I wasn’t aware that I’d go to a monkey training show- there were many more animals and tigers being chained at the neck and horses dragging carts around all day. And of course elephant rides. I knew about the elephants but I imagined it much more elegantly than what it turned out to be. Little elephants carried passengers around a patch of land for what is equal to less than £1. Although I did in fact go on it I worried all the while about the ethical issues of such trades. It was a tiny tucked away place so there weren’t exactly that many people – asides tourists  - meaning I guess cheaper business… but I would’ve gladly paid 10x the amount to ensure the rightful care of the elephants, hand on heart. 

Later on we went to a less than impressive shopping center, the alternative was to go and see an adult show… which was obviously skipped. Also, I happen to have one of the most annoying tour guides ever who instead of talking about Thailand itself, told stories of people getting diarrhoea from too much coconut juice. He was clearly a comedic man but not a tour guide I would've personally chosen for the trip.

{Unimpressive shopping centre}

{A fruit stand stood near the entrance of the shopping center, but prices were extortionate}

The hotel we first stayed at in Pattaya was a four star establishment named Aiyara Grand. The hotel offered swimming pools, spa's and daily breakfast for their guests. It was a really nice hotel situated in a non too busy place. The hotel was spacious and clean.

{A little view from the hotel}

{These face cloths were folded to look like rabbits! cute right?}

And thus ended day one.

On day two the tour group took boat rides to one of Pattaya's beaches, I can't imagine a single person that doesn't love the beach! It was fun to be able to swim and dine and shop in the sunshine. 

{The food in Thailand is unbeatably tasty}

{Absolutely lovely accessories, I couldn't help but buy a few myself}

{Also got this neat henna tattoo! Sadly it faded after a week}

After some short hours at the beach the entire tour group returned to the hotel to freshen up for the rest of the night.

{Post freshening up OOTD for the rest of the night!}
{Necklace - birthday present, Top & Skirt - (Random store in HK/Unknown), Ring - nOir} 

A morning on the beach well spent was continued with being on water - at Pattaya's floating market! One of my favourite places in the entire trip, we were only given an hour there but had we more time I would've loved a meal overlooking the stores and the large body of water.

{These were adorable and I couldn't help having one made for myself}

{Fried cockroach anyone?}

An hour was not nearly enough there! This shopping experience was followed by yet another sea food dinner (Not complaining!)

{We were also visited by a frog! (toad?)}

{The garden at the restruant, sadly we dined inside instead of out - oh well~!}

Loves. X

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