Thailand, Day III, IV & V


Following the events of Thailand the remainder of the week was spent in Bangkok in an entirely new hotel. This one was much larger however it had less facilities than the other hotel which was disappointing. The restaurant was lovely though, as a compromise. 
The morning was an early kick out of bed at 6am to go to safari park which was also a zoo! 

Outside of the Safari Park there were opportunities to have your photo taken with the animals within the zoo. There was also a performance spectacular done by actors and stunt masters in the zoo's own theatre.

{highlight of the holiday!}

{Also fed the Koi there - which I had to pay for... paying to feed their fish? This safari park knows how to earn its money!}

Another highlight and possibly my second favourite part of the entire trip was a visit to the Asiatique which was several streets of boutique's that displayed and sold art, jewellery, fashions and souvenirs of all kinds. A shopping heaven that I recommend to anyone who visits Thailand.

Thus ended the day and the very next morning we were to head back to Hong Kong but before doing so we all attended a semi-religious gathering of the four-faced-god. It was a tourist attraction as well as a local gathering of offerings - extremely busy and so much so that I couldn't take too many photos... also I didn't want to be deemed as inappropriate or blaspheming...

{Dress is from the Asiatique as mentioned above}

Our very last destination was in a shopping center - can you tell I liked their advertising on bathroom wall mirrors? I thought it was witty. Also only managed to buy a ring, sadly. However I was very impressed with a certain person's collection of Doraemon toys.
I shall finish my Thailand trilogy here where my final posts will lead into Hong Kong and I will be up to date!

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