The Alcazar Cabaret in Thailand!


The experience was so fun I decided to bestow it a post of it's own. On the evening of my second day in Pattaya, Thailand - My family and our tour group visited the Alcazar Cabaret.

Famous for it's flashy shows, the Alcazar Cabaret pays host to some of the most beautiful and talented men and women (and men who are women) of Thailand who dance and sing songs from all over the world while adorned in beautiful costumes. Definitely one of my favourite parts of the visit!

{Waiting for the curtains to open...}

{Times like these I wish I had a bigger lens}

{I was actually very impressed by the stage props and all the fancy lightwork}

{I love the ambience and hue of this shot, all those midnight monsoon shades are beautiful}

{et finis!}

{Here's a video of the perfomance that I took, unfortunately I couldn't record for long since my camera was running out of battery - and sorry about the quality, it looks a hundred times better raw! But until I figure out a way this is better than nothing. Please view in the higher res! }

After the show, the performers would step outside of the theatre and allow vistors and the audience to take photos with them, it's a voluntary pay of 20 Thai Baht for a photo but they don't mind if it's free (or of course more!)
I was too shy at the time to have any photos taken so instead here are some photos of the girl who danced to Hyuna's song Change. Personally I felt she the cutest and prettiest.

I really enjoyed the whole experience, the performers were synchronised you could tell that they put a lot of effort into their entertaining. The costumers are wonderful, I would've loved to take a detailed look at the garments backstage and just the atmosphere as a whole was great. I recommend it to anyone who plans on travelling to Thailand.

Loves. X

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