All things bright and beautiful / A day at Ocean Park!


I have been begging and nagging and kicking and screaming to go to Ocean Park for a while now, I believe the last time I went was when I was 7 and I can remember so little if not for photos back then. Ocean Park is probably Hong Kong's biggest tourist (and local) theme park hotspot, alongside Disneyland which is small but still growing. 

{Please excuse the cheesy "I'm 5 and so excited!" grin}

Futuristic tunnel escalator which lead to the aquarium, one thing I was really interested in seeing. I love sea creatures and sea life.

These scary looking things are called Spider Crabs whose legs can grow up to 6 ft in length. 

{This fish looks really sad because of his eyelids, too cute!}

{Old Hong Kong village where food stalls were masked as traditional shops selling traditional food}

Cable cars would take you to the other side of Ocean Park where there were more undersea aquariums and theme park rides, roller coasters and drop rides, ones that spun in the air etc, sadly I couldn't enjoy many of the rides since my cousin whom I went with felt dizzy halfway through the day.

{This was a nice fact ~ No matter how small you are you can still be strong!}

My personal favourite, the jellyfish house:

They're just such beautiful, mysterious and majestic creatures, dancing away in the water.

Then came the time to go home and sun set across the little land of Hong Kong, this was a rushed post with bad uninteresting writing however I hope the photos do make up for the lack of spark in my writing lately. 


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