Oh My Buddha!


Can I be blamed for continually procrastinating and not wanting to update when in England it's all miserable and rainy making me want to do little more than lying in bed and watch tv all day? Yes, laziness is awful but it's also the bane of my life. But if you want a better excuse I could say that I've actually reached my photo posting limit and it was only refreshed this month. I thought my Hong Kong posts were overdue but there are things I deemed interesting and wanted to share. 

Reluctantly, I visited a tourist attraction in Hong Kong known as "Big Buddha" or "天壇大佛", at first I didn't really want to go because of the blazing heat and the two hundred something steps of stairs you needed to climb in order to reach Buddha himself. It's a proof of faith and dedication, or so I was told. 
So on the journey to see Buddha there was a crystal bottom cable car which I thought would be exciting but turned out to be rather normal. Not really worth the extra hong kong dollars.

{Beautiful scenery surrounded the cable car journey, I also managed to snap this path made for maintenance however beneath all the trees in the forest it looked so tranquil, somewhat peaceful and also seemed to be leading nowhere in particular.}

{A small tourist village filled with souvenir shops and restaurants}

{Also a short performance by monks, another popular attraction}

{Fuel for the stairs...}

{And finally made it!}

{Returned to the tourist village for some more re-fueling...}

A trip to "Tai O" ensued as part of the tourist package, a nice place to see some more scenery and buy some more gifts, and in my mother's case, top up on dried seafood.

Although I know this may be very uneducated for me to say but I found these little river-towns very quaint and lovely. They lived and thrived and built homes and business locally, needing much else. I actually wished that I lived in these houses, since they're by the sea it isn't too hot and everyone was pretty much self sustainable. Though I'm sure they have their fair share of problems such as badly wired electric work and weather issues on such a beautiful day I just admired this way of life, peaceful and blissfully hidden from the troubles of the world outside. (Forgive my ignorance.)

{I thought this was cute}

Overall I suppose you could say I'm glad my parents dragged me to go, it was nice to go to a landmark that I hadn't been before and see sights that I hadn't seen too. It was also a beautiful day. Perfect for boat rides and crepes.


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