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I have cleverly dubbed this post a London Fashion Week blog entry but in reality it is a step by step guide on how not to be a fashion blogger. Step one, sign up to exciting event such as Vauxhall Fashion Scout's London Fashion Week. Step two, leave camera at home. Step three, take photos purely on iPhone. Step four, forget the names of most designers collections that walked the runway. Step five, incoherently mash together pictures and words of the intern experience at Fashion Week. 
But I still need to finish step five so here goes: 

For the last 7 days I've been helping out at London Fashion Week hosted by Vauxhall Fashion Scout at Freemasons Hall. Fashion Week happens almost simultaneously across the world, as it finishes in one country it begins in another, magazine editors, buyers, journalists and the alike in the fashion world travel back and forth to attend these shows and collect data for their trend archives to be used in the industry. There are two major fashion week's per year, one collection being autumn/winter and the other spring/summer. For this particular fashion week I shall be discussing S/S13.

Before I continue into the nitty gritty I must clarify one thing, Fashion Week isn't as glamorous as it may appear, there's a lot of manual labour as an intern, sometimes periods of being on standby and then sudden rushes of multiple errands and lunches that last 15 minutes on shifts that last around 10 hours a day, or more. Not that I am complaining, the experience in it's entirety was definitely rewarding, I managed to sit in many shows and witness collections in the flesh, first hand previews get the fashion geek in me whirring and kept me buzzing all week. Viewing collections included a front row seat at the  "Ones To Watch" catwalk show which is definitely one of my favourites, alongside Phoebe English's show and Hana Cha's plus Melissa Diamantidi. Sadly I lack the photos for a lot of my favourites but I will note collections where possible.

But what did my schedule consist of? Producing hundreds of goody bags for guests of the show, cleaning the catwalk, cleaning the benches, the floors, etc. Ushering guests to their seats, serving drinks and food on trays (boy am I glad I don't do waitressing) and of course sneaking into catwalk shows and witnessing miracles of creativity strut down a white canvas. It's art, really.

{Vauxhall fashion scout had around a dozen sponsors that participated in providing items for the goody bag and working backstage}

{Exhibitions consisted of catwalks plus artistic installations}

Despite applying for the Front Of House position while interning, I did a few dressings backstage because many interns began dropping out. Dressing is definitely more exciting than Front Of House work but also around ten times more stressful, dressers are pressed for time during changes and making sure models looked appropriate and professional. Dressing is also very unpredictable, sometimes you have to work with difficult people but so long as you remain professional everything will run smoothly.

Dressing for MATH was a great experience, lovely down to earth designer and friendly models.

The next show I helped to dress was a Kingston University show, MA students from the fashion design course took this opportunity to showcase their collections, 'twas also my first time dressing male models, be still my fashion heart ~ 

The above is a sneak peak of Fam Irvoll's collection inspired by vintage and quirky illustrations with soft pastels and a heritage twist.

Alongside catwalk shows, Vauxhall FS also hosted exhibition for buyers, journalists/bloggers and photographers from every corner of the world to attend. This is a designers real chance to shine and advertise their work plus talk people through it, giving them more of an insight and understanding to their pieces. Needless to say the exhibition was almost always buzzing with people and conversation.
{One of my most favourite collections, courtesy of Hana Cha (mentioned earlier)}

{Nova Chiu's beautiful collection made of clashing yet soft colours and flowing dresses}

Above collections by The Swedish School Of Textiles. A lengthy but impressive show with diverse designers and innovative designs. A friend of mine who was dressing backstage claimed the chandelier dress to weigh more than a table. The model however walked very steadily and performed with brilliance, props also to the flower dress which looked difficult to wear, it was a fantastic piece also.

{Backstage at Melissa Diamantidi}

{Backstage at House Of Evolution}

Overall, as I mentioned in the introduction of this post, my whole experience has been rewarding, I've learned things that I couldn't have at university and had a chance to immerse myself in live catwalk shows, be around those in the fashion industry and speak with inspirational people. I've also met some of the most talented designers I've ever come across, I wish them all well.

For now, I have a lot of reading to do...

Sorry for this scattered post and low photo quality posting, for the real thing please visit

I hope to continue helping out at more shows in the future,  preferably with a camera and better writing skills. Sorry for the absence of posts.



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