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Wrapping things up neatly this September as the new academic term creeps ever nearer I thought I'd write one last post about my trip to Hong Kong just to wrap things up - this one mainly focussing on things I've purchased or foods I've eaten. Note that I did in actuality buy a lot more but I've not been able to gather everything so here are just a few items from my trip. This would be a nice last post about Hong Kong as I'm semi-busy this month, the approaching week I'm volunteering at an anime convention for around 4 days and the week after I'll be volunteering at London Fashion Week, it's all extremely exciting and I'm looking forward to them more than anything, and with University starting just 4 days after LFW I would only be left with a couple more days of freedom as University would begin again and once more shall you see posts of student problems such as not having enough time to lounge around do nothing anymore. However let's roll on with this post!

Some accessories and shoes that I bought, the winged ring is by a designer named Timbeelo who has a very lovely yet niche store in Causeway bay. The ring is one of a kind and they do free repairs on all of their accessories and jewelries. 

{I'm a magazine obsessive}

So the above weren't bought from Hong Kong but I thought I'd include them, one beautiful Mawaru Penguindrum artbook by Hoshino Lily (it's my favourite series) was a late birthday gift but I love it all the same and the Arpakasso pouch I bought for the Anime Convention I'll be helping at ~

{Wanted a salmon/peachy maxi skirt all summer ever since I saw one in the magazines}

{Two skirts I bought from Hong Kong, perfect for colour blocking}

{Some whites and blacks from Hong Kong, I don't usually wear much colour}

Now I've always wanted tattoo tights but were unsure about them but I was so happy when I received my gun tights, right now I just need the opportunity to wear them - I also bought this iPhone screen and back protector decal, it was pretty pricey but looks really cool and the guy at the store applied them for me free of charge.

{I loved these shoes so much I wore them practically everyday and wrecked them, thankfully they've been fixed now}

I've seen a number of neon plastic clutches and backpacks in Hong Kong and in Japanese fashion magazines, it's a growing summer trend and I actually love mine!

{Various photos of the foods that I ate while in Hong Kong, I do often find myself lusting after the food there sometimes more than the shopping}

{These really cool erasers, I would've bought them but I wouldn't have had a use for them since I no longer attend school and they're far too cute to use anyway...}

This has been a fairly random post but neatly ties up all loose ends of my trip away and some certain items I've bought and/or acquired, this will be the last of my Hong Kong posts this year but there is a very great chance that I'll be in Hong Kong again next year, count on more blog posts hopefully more organised than this one!


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