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Autumn/Winter are usually my favourite times for fashion in the year because of all the chunky knits, layering possibilities and the "more is more" approach with fashion - all the while keeping warm. However the high streets really disappointed me this month, with the student sales in check I really only bought one thing. That's right from the choice of Topshop, Forever21, H&M, New Look, Superdry, Schuh and more I only found small gem in the corners of River Island. Coincidentally my favourite trend this A/W.

Baroque is the term given to "a style of European architecture, music, and art of the 17th and 18th centuries that followed mannerism and is characterised by ornate detail. In architecture the period is exemplified by the palace of Versailles and by the work of Bernini in Italy." Very detailed to you and me but that's the gist of it. In fashion I always believe attention to detail, especially if obsessive is key to extravagance and statement pieces. I fell instantly in love with Baroque ever since I'd heard of it and because I do not own many pieces pertaining to baroque (they're an expensive favourite, might I add) I managed to coax myself into forking out £36 (after discounts) for my very own Baroque addition.

Baroque trends exude an extravagance. They are the small details on a blank canvas, every bead, every embroidery and every print is reminiscent of Baroque as an art movement and reflects the architecture from then. Patterns are strong yet flowing and colours are complimentary, never clashing. Below are some AW12 designer responses to Baroque and inspirational images influenced by the Baroque architectural era.

So how would this be translated into an everyday household trend? Affordable yet wearable by the high street public? I found my correct answer in River Island.

I have yet to officially wear them out but beads are already falling off everywhere which is expected of high street embroidery work but I can't deny these shorts their intricate pattern and overall look. Albeit I struggle to find garments that compliment these shorts but this problem will be solved with time.
To my suprirse these shorts sold out rather quickly (I clearly am not the only one crazy enough to buy into a such a fragile seasonal trend) however the khaki version is still available for purchase).

If they don't suit your fancy here are some other Baroque pieces the high street is offering though it's mostly River Island that have really gone forward with the trend with the exception of a pair of gold hemmed shorts from Miss Selfridge.

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Happy Browsing!

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