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I'm aware of the horrendously large gap of time in between my last post and this. It's safe to say that I haven't been the busiest of people in terms of travels and/or shopping but I've had to knuckle down for some University projects and hunt for a job. None of which are blog worthy.

But a few exciting announcements to make I am to see BIG BANG a famous Korean pop group in December and soon I start work at David & Goliath which sell casual apparel for both men and women plus accessories and toys. It's a relaxed, quirky and fun environment which should bring new challenges (I've never sold clothes before), yet be enjoyable - I am quite looking forward to starting work!

Shoutout to my awesome cousin who bought me back Vivi magazine (my favourite) and some Laneige face mask from Hong Kong:

[I hope to look this good when I'm 29! Koda Kumi is a legendary Japanese pop queen who I shall forever cherish and idolise]

[Autumn/Winter fashion as foretold my Vivi Magazine]

Moving forward with this post, I've done a fair bit of shopping just for the general colder autumn weather so I'll share a few of my buys.

Yet again I fell victim to Yesstyle's array of lovely simple clothing for everyday life. However this time I'd decided to have my clothes delivered to my halls of residence and I also incurred a hefty handling and customs tax fee. I was not happy. Here's a quick over view of the items that I bought.

In the order they are presented items are as follows:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
[Images above are property of and I do not claim the rights to any of them]

Item number one, the patterned sleeve jumper was originally what I began my order for, I loved that it was cute yet quirky and had pops of colour with the russian doll which was an unusual motif.
It's comfortable and fits perfectly plus is easy to wear. The quality is also very good.

One of my more anticipated purchases I actually don't own all that many small bags so I was heavily swayed to buy this. It's different from what I'd usually buy plus it's unique and I really liked that. It has a double zip fastening and also a magnetic button - everything fits snugly in the bag which stops me from carrying things I don't actually need - a habit I should probably change so that my shoulders don't ache after any day out.

I love this! Probably the best buy which is unexpected as I picked this on impulse. I imagine the little white cotton balls to be delicate and would begin to fall off however it's comfortable, thin but surprisingly warm, as with everything else I bought so far, this could quite easily go with anything else.

Harem trousers I've been meaning to buy for a long time - not much to say about them, simple basics, pockets (always a plus!) comfortable and good quality too ~

Green leggings, trying to pry myself away from black, a dark green (almost khaki) is on trend and easy to wear. Makes me feel Christmassy - I'm aware Christmas is over a month away but if shops have already stocked Christmas related novelties then I feel I can prepare too.

I had extremely high expectations for these boots as they cost me £40 which seems fair for a pair of WELL-MADE boots but I have a lot of complaints about this. In the photo it showed them free standing and structured - these shoes have no support whatsoever - it's a thin layer of padded fabric. The buckles are very cheap metal that feels like it could snap - the gold was probably sprayed on meaning the colour will wear off fast. The soles are glued on and not stitched, this also means chance of them breaking. 
Also, the piercings on the buckle strap are very poorly done, it was clearly guessed - none of the pierced holes were in a straight line. I tried to evidence it best I could in some photos but I cannot portray the poor texture of the boot lining. 

I heavily considered returning these boots however I didn't want to risk sending the package back (at my own cost) for it to be refused in which case I'd lose both payment and boots. I've resorted to trying my best to love them. They're not bad looking and I could still wear them but they're really not worth the money - I believe this is my first unhappy purchase from Yesstyle. It's very poorly made...

That finishes my most recent Yesstyle haul.
I also bought a couple of things from eBay.

This "gregory skirt" was originally from Allsaints and it is worth £75 however I found it in the fashion lucky corners of eBay and bagged it for £16! [x]

I love this T-shirt. I know that the ombre trend is drifting in and out of fashion scenes but I don't have that many dip dyed garments so I found it forgivable to invest. Especially in something no one else would have. This T shirt comes from a seller of home-made fashions on eBay going by the screen name of hexlove. Their other stuff is equally quirky but I found this to be my favourite.

Also I was a strange girl with a mouth on her neck for Halloween:

[Looks better from far away, honest!]

& That's a wrap! As I mentioned not much happening on my end asides university and work. The Christmas market are to be visiting the city also - no doubt I'll share some experiences of that here and there. It's gotten very cold in a short amount of time in England so I hope everyone wraps up warm in and outdoors!


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