V.I.P - Big Bang Alive / Galaxy Tour [LONDON] 141212



The screaming of thousands of fan girls (and fan boys), the monstrous queues circling Wembley Arena, the pushing and shoving in desperation to be close to our idols. Popular and well known South Korean pop band BIG BANG graced London on Friday the 14th to give their worldwide GALAXY / ALIVE tour.

The concert lasted for 3 hours but felt much shorter. Big Bang are brilliant live performers like no other, putting real heart and soul into their every dance and every song. Big Bang performed singles from their latest album STILL ALIVE, including hits like BLUE, MONSTER, WOW FANTASTIC BABY and of course STILL ALIVE. They also sang their older songs (which are still my favourites) LIES & HARU HARU - and what added a nice element was that each member got the chance to do a solo performance of around 2 songs. Needless to say my favourite was TaeYang's Look Only At Me. That song can be said to be one of the first singles to really have me interested in kpop. There was a pang of nostalgia and recognition. I enjoyed myself immensely. 
I also had a V.I.P pass which granted early access a couple hours early, a goody bag which included a T shirt, a glowing wristband, a glowstick, a glowing thumb light(?!) and a V.I.P lanyard pass. Entering the show early definitely contributed to the quality of the photos. 

Being a V.I.P (literally, since Big Bang's fans are lovingly called V.I.P's by them and the fans themselves) and in a standing area I'd estimate being pushed and knocked about around a hundred times during 3 hours. I endured no bruises but left with a very dead leg however it was completely worth it and I wouldn't have traded standing for seated no matter what. However I was extremely worried about my camera falling violently onto the floor several times, capturing moments is a risky passion.

But enough with the drawn out intro - prepare for an extremely photo heavy post! For those interested in only the video please scroll to the bottom. Please excuse blurriness and bad composition and shakiness within the video.
Please enjoy regardless. 

[T.O.P being a stud]
[The atmosphere was really something ethereal, it was energising and inspirational all at once]
[TaeYang suffered from a nosebleed minutes into the first performance, he'd claimed to have over-exerted himself. Can't blame him - BIG BANG were only in Hong Kong weeks before coming to England, they've been working hard and London was their last stop]

[T.O.P & GD got a chance to perform their own segment of songs from their duo album]

[Seung Ri during his segment, he had wings for his Hong Kong performance but not for the London one sadly]

[See that awesome hat? T.O.P later threw it into the crowd for a lucky fan!]

[T.O.P punishing DaeDae ^^;;]

{I left all photos unwatermarked for your viewing pleasure. All photos are taken and edited by me, please do not distribute, sell or use them commercially without my permission.}
{Thank you}

For the finale, members performed an encore and flung various items into the crowd - this included glow sticks, towels, jackets - all good merchandise, and T.O.P even sacrificed his amazing hat!

Highlights - When GD threw his jacket, fangirls fought over it and security had to get involved, TaeYang stripped topless, TWICE. GD jumped down into the crowd on our side of the stage, unfortunately I did not get to touch his beautiful hair. TaeYang suffered from a nosebleed and later swore about it. T.O.P bestowed divine punishment. I also captured way too many Daesung derp moments. Maybe I'll include them in future.

Videos are available in 2 parts - please watch in HD!

[Please excuse my horrible singing along, I was far too excitable at the time to care!]

Special mention - Thank you Kenny for catching the train with me and making sure I wasn't murdered there and back, thank you Akash for purchasing the tickets and being a sufficiently interesting tour guide and thank you Sang-a for providing sushi and fangirl entertainment. I miss you all. 


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  1. i was in the LA concert! and yes it was amazeballs! V.I.P !!


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