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Happy New Year! I did originally intend to post for the Christmas week but working full time was a small obstacle that became a big excuse. I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas followed by a great New Year, but as you grow older I think you find the novelties of New Year's wear off a bit.

{Recently I've been drinking rose green tea which is both sweeter smelling and tasting than green tea. I do highly recommend it.}

Though I did not receive an abundance of presents, I was paid fairly by my work and also given a good amount of Christmas money which I used to spoil myself... a little. I've lusted after a 3DS XL white for a long time now and when I first discovered it, it was only available in Japan. It's released as a special edition in the UK and was only announced in November. I had no doubts about this purchase and it's by far one of the most beautiful consoles I have ever bought.

{Comes pre-installed with Mario Kart from GAME.}

OOTD for when I managed to catch a break between work days and spend some time boxing day shopping with my mother.

Didn't buy much but I felt lucky when I found a dress I wanted on sale. I hesitated to buy it at full price since I was unsure that I'd wear it and be comfortable, but being a sucker for a bargain I took it home anyway. This is the smoke and crystal inspired dress from River Island, it's body con and comes with sleeves, I'm not too fond of the rhinestone detailing near the collar/chest area but the rest of the dress comes with a glorious print that I just found myself gravitating towards.

{Now I have some glad rags for the New Year!}

But the best things about sales are when designer pieces whittle down from designer prices.
However this is not for me. Classic Balenciaga Bags are desired worldwide, there's no doubt about it. B bags are beautiful and match with almost any outfit and are strangely perfect for every season. Though the colour is brighter than most it is still wearable and complimentary. 

The Balenciaga City is versatile and roomy bag, perfect for someone on-the-go chasing effortless style with all the right practicality. Though this bag does not belong to me, friends can expect to see me donning it as my penchant for beautiful things often drives me to "borrow" many things.

For Christmas I also received this lovely ring holder (upon opening my present I did not realise it was a ring holder, I just assumed it to be a cute mantlepiece but this makes it all the more so special) admittedly I needed a ring holder to organise my rings however instead of 2 rabbits I found myself needing around at least 6 to adequately hold my adornments. But I will love use this all the same. 

To end my post I've become (and very immaturely so) infatuated with personalising my iPhone to the point where the apps have also fallen victim to customisation. 

{It's pretty addictive if I do say so myself}

For wrapping up,  2012 was a good year overall, I was able to participate in a lot of voluntary activities that helped me delve deeper into the world of fashion, as well as meet amazing people. I was able to travel to places that I'd missed and places that I hadn't been before. I discovered a lot of things about myself and about other people too. I'm hoping 2013 will proceed like that for me, I want to be a part of more events and continue to meet (and maybe even keep in touch!) with the people that I meet. On top of all I wish for myself and loved ones to be blessed with good health and fortune for the year.
There are so many places I want to go and so many plans I want to make, I hope to be granted the motivation for them all. I wish everyone the best too.


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  1. Gonna try rose green tea now. :-) hope you have a good 2013!

  2. gorgeous bags!
    anna from


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