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April has been delightfully eventful for me as it marks the beginning of my internship with up and coming online fashion boutique - Aliya.J and my exciting move to London - part time.
Aliya.J was founded earlier this year in January by Aida, the director of the company who I've had the privilege of working alongside as well as two very lovely interns. Set in Northern London in a picturesque city. The office is small yet efficient and as is the team.

On the night of the launch party which was held only yesterday, interns arrived at 11am to help with the setting up which involved moving around furniture, setting out tables, putting up decorations, preparing the music, the food, the slideshows, photobooth etc.
You get the idea.

{Throughout the night, photographs were displayed on a loop as part of a slideshow on the bar's big screen tv}

The venue was a cosy but beautifully decorated. Annie's bar describes itself as "The most stylish & elegant wine & cocktail bar this side of the city." So in other words - perfect for Aliya.J's aesthetic.

{Handmade pom-poms by our very own intern.}

On the night we made around 70 goody bags inclusive of cake-pops, macaroons, jewellery, pens, bags, business cards and flyers of all the businesses that helped make the launch party that much more special. 

{Intern lunches - and the only time of the day where I could eat - before things got hectic!}

{A photo booth section, complete with props was also available for guests to take fun photos throughout the day!}

A buffet-style food table was also set up including canapé's, sushi, fruits, macaroons, cupcakes - all kindly made to order and sourced from the finest supermarkets. The macaroons were so popular, for this we must credit the lovely gentleman behind Hotel Macaroon, we'll definitely be ordering again! Needless to say the snacks went down extremely well, the tables were cleared very swiftly!
Plus of course champagne readily available on the night for everyone who attended as they are all V.I.P's

Since the hired room was underground Aliya.J organised a red carpet reception for the guests and interns were also on entry duty.

{From left - Claire from Re:Magazine, founder Aida and Maxine from Re:Magazine - Photo by Sam}

So glad that Tsui from fashionganache could attend Aliya.J's launch party - she's a lovely person with an equally lovely blog - be sure to check her out! Her blog post of the party can be found here!

{Lovely red nails, lower photo courtesy of Rosalind - follow her fantastic Instagram!}

A pair of lovely sisters who painted nails, complete with designs attended, from Beauty Boutique a salon in East London. The queue for this lasted what seemed like hours! A make-up artist made sure everyone looked and felt fabulous, she was also lovely to chat to - find her here at
There was also a masseuse, Luke, from SPRMassage - he was also very well received.

Exclusive guests had attended from publications such as and Re:Magazine. Also I was lucky enough to meet fashion designer Lynnja Wang who was a pleasure to speak to, such a lovely lady.

Still awaiting photos off attendees however, I guess this is where my post thins out as I was on door duty for a while and then as I began chatting and being social I got lost in the buzz and neglected to take more photos. Bad times!

Nevertheless Aliya.J launch party was a huge success, all the guests were extremely positive with feedback and I've enjoyed my first 2 weeks at Aliya.J which actually flew by - it felt more like 2 days! Interning as a PR is definitely a challenging yet rewarding experience and I hope to learn even more in the following month!
If I neglect to post frequently please forgive me!

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  1. The launch party looks incredible! xx

    1. Thank you Hai-Yen!! It was great fun! x

  2. You got some really good backstage shots Joey! It was a pleasure to be there! I had so much fun! (:
    Fashion Ganache.

    1. Thank you Tsui!

      You have no idea how heavily I was relying on your mid-party shots though! I hardly had time to pick my camera up! x

  3. I like the concept. It's really unique and fashionable. The wall and interior have attractive designs. I'm sure this online boutique will be getting many customers because it has exclusive clothes there. Linda -


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