Aptly named as I've always had difficulty when it comes to choosing titles for each blog post. There is a noticeable gap also between this and the last and the usual excuse persists; I've been busy. Balancing university, part-time jobs and social life is no mean feat. Luckily for me, I simply relish having things to do constantly despite how much I may moan and groan about my lack of free time. Easter and spring began with flurries of blizzards across England which were short-lived as the temperamental weather decided that showers of sunshine would follow straight after.

Having just finished a huge collaborative event as part of an events management module (which me and my team would agree was hugely successful and yes, stressful) I feel extremely uplifted. The event was a short day-time fête aimed at children and families. It was held in a picturesque church with many activities and the focus of the day was to raise money for Make-A-Wish foundation and GFW.
More can be discovered at the event blog.

As for myself, being busy didn't necessarily spell having an eventful life, mundane repeat activities and work kept me bound in Birmingham but of course I like to enjoy myself while I can - to which I must add, Nutella and strawberries on toast is something that everyone should try at least once in their lives.

{My first ever bouquet}

{The latest addition to my phone case collection}

I've also restrained myself from shopping too much lately as a plan to save money for future endeavours. But on the other hand, when you fall in love, you fall in love and personally it's becoming more and more difficult to find garments that I like so I consider them investments, just a few of my buys this past month...

{A Tee & Cake T shirt. I fell in love with the print however at first glance I mistook the front for the back, I actually dislike the rocket but love clouds too much...}

{A slashed back sick girl jumper courtesy of}

{Apologies for not having a better photo other than selfies ~}

My latest and most beautiful (and only) lace white dress. I've been lusting after a white dress since summers ago and found the perfect one on, it only comes in one size so imagine my delight to find it fight me perfectly. Just counting on you now, good ol' British weather.

{POP magazine for S/S13 and American candy, I know how to spoil myself clearly...}

{It's HyunA of 4minute, Kpop and Jpop have been  featuring a lot more in British magazines lately, I guess Gangnam Style is somewhat to thank with all the Asian invasion rage which leads me nicely onto...} 

Kyary's KPP 100% Concert! Yes and thank goodness for resales which allowed me to attend Kyary's first UK concert, if you're unfamiliar with Japanese pop sensation and "Kawaii Ambassador" check out her Youtube videos. The concert itself was held on February the 13th at the O2 in Islington - a small venue but appropriate I guess, tickets sold out rapidly and the only reason I secured my tickets was due to a resale notifcation. I hesitated to take my camera since the ticket clearly stated that recording equipment was not permitted and I didn't want to risk having my belongings confiscated so all I have are low definition photos...

and a T-shirt!

Which was rather reasonably priced. I do hope that Kyary holds another UK concert. I would definitely go again!

{Misc. Mobile uploads from the month. I've been cooking, eating and drinking well}

I hope to be updating a lot more as I have exciting news! I shall be interning as a PR assistant at Aliya. J's. An online boutique originating in London for all women soon to be stocking many brands "
Stocking sizes 8 to 18, our mission is to bring you both vintage inspired pieces with a modern twist and designs with beautiful, contemporary prints. "
This is my calm before the storm, I hope to be emerged in exciting projects and worked to the bone.

Wish me luck!



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  1. Been a while Joey, nice to see you back again and blogging ^^
    Makes me so hungry seeing this post lol
    Fashion Ganache.

  2. Eu adorei o blog, é muito lindo mesmo. Vou sempre estar aqui (:


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