Full Bloom


{Entering the premises!}

{A band welcoming visitors of the market, a really nice atmosphere overall}

{it's rather strange...}

{to see such expensive flowers packed together so tightly, almost like their value is compromised because there are so many of them.}

Continuing the chronicles of my life in London I was whisked away by a friend with a wild wanderlust to a flower market in Columbia Street - just a brisk walk from Old Street Station. Quaint and popular, we arrived by midday (a fault of mine...) and the street was packed full of people and for the first time in a while, I felt appropriately like a sardine (excluding all those times I've had my face against a glass pane on the underground). 

The flower market is held every sunday from 8am til 3pm-ish. It is hugely popular, especially on sunny weekends and overshadows lots of charming little shops also placed along the road (see assortment of adorable crockery and tea sets and cutlery). At the market you'll find parents with their children to old aged couples looking to decorate their garden. Unsurprisingly there is also an equal amount of students and young couples. An event for flower lovers of all kinds and the prices of the shrubbery weren't all too dear to be honest. I knew that if I was a permanent resident in London I would've definitely bought some flowers home with me. Who can resist the sweet scent and natural beauty of a rose? Or the sophisticated tranquility of a white hydrangea plant?


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