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{The beautiful Lie and Rosalind, two lovely girls I'm interning with}

I've been extremely careful with my new bag - as you do with new things that you dote over, I'm beginning to believe I won't become sick of it's beauty. Ever.
4 weeks have passed since I began my placement in London. I love this city but I'm constantly torn as it's equally easy to hate. PR interning is a fun yet challenging experience. I'm not sure what I expected. Even though a month has passed I'm still not used to the early mornings and how evenings seem to just consist of dinner followed closely by bed - leaving little to no time for me to do most things that I want to at all. My life of video-gaming and anime watching is quickly diminishing! I'm not sure if I should be glad or not...

However being in London and having to pass through central to reach where I'm staying everyday inevitably means many (possibly too many...) shopping opportunities. 

Finchley (where my office is) is a lovely place. Set on the near edges of North London, Finchley is a district made up of many shops - big names and independent boutiques, café's and restaurants. 
I was introduced to a lovely, niche Thai café by my colleagues, two interns that I'm working beside and they are lovely in both face and character. The eatery was adorable, the interior was very reminiscent of what I imagine Korean café's would be like. White, clean and cute - alongside serving food they also sold mini accessories like hairbands and scarves. It's an overall quiet but nice environment to eat in. If you ever venture to Finchley Central be sure to visit Health-Full! 

I can just tell I'm going to miss London when my placement is over - but I've long hinted at a permanent move to the big city. Maybe sometime in the near future after my graduation. 
I'm so relieved about this three day weekend also - work hard and play rest hard! (Old age!)



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