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Goodbye April showers - It's my favourite month of the year! For obvious reasons. However at the same time I also do not want to age.

I realise that the title of this blogpost is rather dark, but on the contrary my months have been bright and sunny with obvious hints of rain - God I love you England! But I've decided to dedicate this particular post to the fulfilment of dreams. Dreams do come true, of course they do - dreams that remain dreams are just nightmares framed in fantasy. What dream am I speaking of? Well, let me introduce you to my new baby:

You're looking at the latest edition to my handbag collection, the CÉLINE trapeze. It's rather beautiful. Of course I chose black. Beautiful suede wings with calf skin body and silver trimmings. Black to suit every and all of my outfits - this timeless classic I can see myself using 'till the end of time. The twist lock also has a slick, neat design. The interior is also more spacious than it lets on, I often feel Mary Poppins-esque when I suddenly acquire the ability to fit an abundant amount of (usually unnecessary) items into my bag than I thought possible... 

{A mini 'what's in my bag' series for the month of May. A pair of rings from Monki. The latest book I've been reading (Murakami is one of my all time favourite authors), the latest perfume I've been using from Bodyshop, stickers from a very sweet individual via Artbox and my new oyster card holder from LDN Chinatown. All of which I'm extremely happy with!}

Being in London has encouraged me to be stylish on a daily basis and living out of a suitcase with what I believe to be a capsule collection doesn't really allow for that... for an extended period of time anyway. In short, I used my excuses to shop. No spring/summer would be complete for me without a lovely pair of black suede wedges - funny story, they broke twice and I had to return them. Let's hope third times a charm.

{Black Deena & Ozzy Strappy Wedges from Urban Outfitters.}

I must admit that perhaps my sway towards darker clothing (which is something I wear all year round despite the season though I have a soft spot for prints also...) is probably somewhat influenced by the monochrome trend that's around this season. Provided you aren't oblivious or rather negligent of the fashion world you'll notice that the high streets believe black and white are the way forward this summer. No more florals for spring? Unlikely though.

Well, that's the short but sweet update I have for the beginning of May - the best month ever. (It's my birthday in 24 days!) Watch this space as London always guarantees endless activities to my endeavours. 


P.S Recently, due to a quirky but lovely girl I'm interning with - I've become too much of an avid user of Instagram - if you'd like to view my account search @mistune or follow this link. Thanks!

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